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December 3, 2008


  • Intel: Shengnan
  • Adobe: Edwin Smith, Steven Johnson, Tom Harwood, Leslie, Lars, Jeff Dyer, Rob Winchell, Rob Borcic, Trevor Baker, Dan Schaffer, Brent Baker, Dan Smith, Rick Reitmaier, Rishit Shah

Agenda Items Discussed

  • Status of TC Release (Trevor Baker)
  • Power PC Status (Edwin Smith)
  • X64 Update (Rick Reitmaier)
  • Global Optimizer (Tom Harwood)
  • Verifier (Jeff Dyer)


Status of Tamarin Central Release (Trevor Baker)

  • All acceptance tests passing - revision 703 of TC is stable
  • Trevor to send changelist to list and post on other locations.
  • Code size - 79 K bigger than VM in Flash 10
    • Prior to merge from Redux, we had reduced by 85K
  • Performance - faster across the board. Most dramatic improvement linux using interpreter flash player 10 up to 182% faster
  • Memory usage
    • mac using 8% less memory
    • every other platform using more (worst is using forceMIR on Windows using about 22% more memory)
  • ACTION for QE to be added to backlog: Need a measure relative to the flash 10 VM
  • Release notes (detailing changelist) will be provided.

Power PC Status (Edwin)

  • PPC Nanojit port, now at Beta quality, code here - [1]
  • Tracking bug here: [2]
  • Performance is decent, ranging from slightly slower to 25% faster on sunspider/* and misc/*.

X64 Update (Rick)

  • Still working on build and it is starting to generate LIR updates
  • Found a problem with LIR generation that is being tracked down

Global Optmizer (Tom H)

  • Now it can optimize and run most programs
  • working on a deployment guide
  • Performance - code size reduced by 15-20% (with standard deviation about the same)
  • Still improving the code generated on the backend
  • Will look at LVM integration and getting better error behavior
  • GO will be posted on opensource.adobe.com (when it is in its final state)

Verifier (Jeff Dyer)

  • Will post notes to tamarin devel list and check into tamarin repository
  • Need a doc directory in Tamarin (off of the root)
  • Feel free to review doc when posted
  • Will create a separate bug to track the verifier documentation
  • Next step is to do some refactoring of the verifier to separate code generation and verification logic.

Compiler Issue with Sun Sparc (Brent)

  • Brent will ping Leon (bug for Sun Studio compiler) to see if there is an update as to when the compiler will be fixed.
  • current issue is to modify code to get around issues for sun studio compiler for nanojit to work. Leon seemed to think it will be fixed in the sun compiler.