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Rick Reitmaier, Dan Schaffer, Dan Smith, Brent Baker, Leslie Lewis, Rob Borcic, Moh (Intel), Tom Harwood, Tom Reilly, Steven Johnson, Rudolph, Shengnan (Intel)

Agenda Topics

  • PPC Update (Dan Schaffer)
  • Next Iteration (Dan Smith)
  • String work (Steven Johnson)

Action Items

  • Dan Schaffer to send details of PPC Test Results to tamarin-devel distribution list - DONE
  • All code that needs to get into the next release of TC needs to be checked in and tested by 12/16/08. Next release on 12/22/08.
  • Dan Smith to synch up with Steven Johnson to discuss how to integrate string work back into the Player.

Meeting Discussion Notes

Mac PPC Performance (switch from MIR to LIR)

  • PPC pushed and landed late last week
  • 8% faster
  • 6% lower memory
  • Only some sun spider tests showed some slower times
  • All other tests across te board faster (JSBoard, SciMark – 20% faster)
  • All acceptance tests are pass
  • Looks good - We can pull the plug on MIR

Next iteration

  • We will plan to do drops approx 1/month for TC
  • Next drop to be done on Monday, 12/22
  • All code changes be submitted and tested by 12/17
  • 3 days is enough to shakedown and certify the build
  • Lars and Trevor will work together to get the build out

Michael’s String work

  • Most things working again
  • More efficient memory usage
  • API changes, Modest but necessary
  • Details on Mozilla Wiki and Steven will send this link out after meeting
  • Bug 465506 (numbers documented in this bug)
  • Only in redux hopefully by end of day today, all targets will be going
  • Dan to chat with Steven about to integrate this back into Player