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January 13, 2009 Meeting Notes


Dan Schaffer, Dan Smith, Brent Baker, Leslie Lewis, Rob Winchell, Tom Harwood, Steven Johnson, Moh, Rishit, Rick Reitmaier, Edwin Smith, Chris Peyer, Jeff

Agenda Topics

  • Status Updates

Meeting Discussion Notes

Status Updates


  • Power PC 64 bit continuing, will be landing lot of patches
  • Taking over X86 64bit work from Rick
    • Will start from scratch on this
    • Will add a new file with new code so there won’t be any merge pain

Tom H

  • Jeff will be helping out to complete GO
  • Tom going through more acceptance test failures, lots of things that need to get fixed/patched.


  • Finishing up refactoring verifier in Tamarin
  • Blocking item is getting a 64 bit development environment.
  • uggestion to use the command line builds on the Mac with Leopard


  • Starting some work on assessing MMGC and will have a project plan by end of week


  • Working with Rick/Tommy/Erik on VM stability issues
  • Requests for embedding doc
    • Volunteers will set up a wiki for some public doc. Trevor to ping Steven on setting up a new wiki.
    • As we review content and approve it, we can move it over to MDC


  • Tamarin blog created on Mozilla
    • If people are inteterested in posting on Tamarin blog, let Trevor know and he will point you to the bug to get yourself added as an author
    • Blog linked off of MDC
    • Once there is some content a note will be sent to Tamarin Devel
    • Ideas, announcements should be posted on the blog