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January 6, 2009 Meeting Notes


Dan Schaffer, Dan Smith, Brent Baker, Leslie Lewis, Rob Borcic, Tom Harwood, Steven Johnson

Agenda Topics

  • Current Release Status
  • Status Updates

Meeting Discussion Notes

Current Release Status

  • December release delayed
  • Request from Flex & Player teams on string work and memory profiler changes for performance testing
  • Strings not ready yet for release out to TC
  • Hold off on releasing current bits from Redux and focus on getting strings stable. This could take a couple of week.
  • Decision: Delay December release and work this week to get strings work done
  • Other teams can take private builds from Redux if needed
    • 469836 – tracking bug for this release. Two dependent bugs:
    • Interpreter
    • Memory usage problem

Status Updates

Rob Winchell

  • No Tamarin related status workin on WinMo
  • Working on running ATS on Windows Mobile
  • Finding memory problems
  • ATS gets further than where we were with Taiko

Dan Schaffer

  • Canary perf apps
  • Checked in headless player emulator
  • Working on a headless version that runs in the shell
  • Cleaning up runtests scripts (perf and acceptance tests sharing libraries)


  • Adding a script for running the VM more than once and prints out the differences
    • Run all configs on one platform
    • If you use ssh cleverly you can probably run all platforms
  • Fuzzer
    • Differential testing work (see above bullet)
    • Driver
    • Generates abc – writing a recursive descent grammar
    • Reducer – generate an abc that is big and it crashes somewhere you need a way to get it back down to a normal abc size (NOT Started and probably won’t get to)
  • X64 stuff close but not done yet, need another week


  • Adding things to buildbot now that arm has jit enabled by default. It is now running interpreter default mix mode and adding a forced jit run. Also a 64 bit machine for mac ppc and intel will be enabled.
  • Sun studio compiler has been fixed and a patch will be releases shortly after Xmas. Current blocking issue we have should be fixed in the compiler shortly available.
  • Taking on some house cleaning stuff with bugbase so it is easy for us to manage.
  • Tracking work items were not always getting a triage status set, so now all bugs where there is something for Q E to do should be passed to QRB. If it is a dev only bug it will be assigned to triage an d assigned directly to Dev. No changes from the Dev perspective, now QE and management has more visibility into all work items.


  • Scrum planning
  • Editing content on MDC
  • Tamarin Blog is going to be created (bug open)
    • Add a tamarin roadmap for non Adobe folks
  • Updates to Tamarin project on Mozilla.org.
    • Goals will be a pointer to MDC so we can edit easily
  • Upcoming task: Jeff, Peter Donovan, Trevor will review ASC deferred bugs

Tom Harwood

  • Addressing bugs Dan Sch found after running acceptance tests
  • Started SCRUM feature summaries

Dan Smith

  • Scrum process/tracking
  • Next Monday kickoff process and start Sprint 1
  • Nokia workshop coming up week of 19th, Dan in SF that week


  • Narrowing out differences between Tamarin and player
  • Focus on Debugger memory usage and teasing it down, another few more days
  • Security patches okay to push them out
  • Strings are still flaky especially on 64 bit builds
    • We will need to redo them so they separately allocate string structure. Need to check in with Michael Daumling to see if he can help out. He may have time to help out. Dan Smith will find out his availability.
    • Another short term option is to enable interior pointers as opposed to crashing randomly – Not an optimal suggestion as it will regress performance

Christopher Peyer

  • Perf Report Page up and running
  • Working on threaded run tests


  • Refactor of verifier complete, need 32 bit builds to pass. Once done need to decide to push into redux. Performance up to par with current redux. Haven’t looked at memory usage yet.
    • Needs help from QE prior to making decision to push
  • Started an ASC backlog (to isolate work items that are specific to ASC, so it can be shared across the Flex SDK team)
  • Everything that our team is working on should be in our ActionScript Product Backlog


  • Working on bug backlog, release planning