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January 27, 2009 Meeting Notes


Jeff, Steven, Brent, Tom, Dan Schaffer, Rick Reitmaier, Rob Winchell, Moh

Agenda Topics

  • Status Updates

Meeting Discussion Notes

Status Updates


  • Checked in a verifier refactoring. Some cleanup needed, but wanted to get it in.
  • Put in a pipeline architecture where all code generators are driven off of api (similar to backend nanojit api)


  • Spot bug fixing

Dan Schaffer

  • Ecma 3 data acceptance tests
  • If anyone sees any failures, send Dan Schaffer an email
  • There may still be some lurking problems

Tom Harwood

  • Global optimizer stopped working on this for now
  • Starting to work on verifier and code generators instead
  • Jeff’s change broke GO code
  • Tom filed a bug on that. Copy Jeff on that but.