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The AWS Provisioner is responsible for starting Amazon EC2 instances to perform tasks in the TaskCluster queue. It monitors queue lengths and uses spot bidding to maximize the cost-effectiveness of its resources.

Homepage: https://github.com/taskcluster/aws-provisioner


Owner: John -- the owner is responsible for the health (which is defined as uptime/code quality/decisions) made in each component owned. The ideal is we collaborate through our weekly meetings but each owner is ultimately responsible for yes/no decisions. Owners are _not_ for life and the team may elect new owners as time goes on.

Issue / feature tracking

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Submitting patches

If a bug is not open already corresponding to the bug you want to fix (or the feature you want to add), please file one. After that, please open a github pull request with your code change, mentioning the bug in the description. Assign the pull request to a good reviwer, such as the component owner.