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This repository contains a tool which was developed by the Taskcluster team to reduce inter region transfer costs in cloud object storage systems. An example of one of these storage systems is AWS S3. In S3 it is free and fast to do an S3 transfer within a given region, but costs a lot of money and takes a decent amount of time if it does not exist in that region. At the time of writing, we use the us-west-2 as our canonical storage region.


Owner: John -- the owner is responsible for the health (which is defined as uptime/code quality/decisions) made in each component owned. The ideal is we collaborate through our weekly meetings but each owner is ultimately responsible for yes/no decisions. Owners are _not_ for life and the team may elect new owners as time goes on.

Issue / feature tracking

Cloud-mirror bugs are mixed in with a few other things in the "Platform and Services" component:

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Submitting patches

If a bug is not open already corresponding to the bug you want to fix (or the feature you want to add), please file one. After that, please open a github pull request with your code change, mentioning the bug in the description. Assign the pull request to a good reviwer, such as the component owner.