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Previous Action Items

Status Updates

Job Queue (owner: dminor/ted)

  • Have prototype implementation using Python 3.3
    • https://github.com/dminor/taskcluster-jobqueue
    • implemented REST interfaces discussed last week for Q1, but some of the JSON passed in is not fully defined yet
    • Current implementation is in memory, changing to use a database (sqlite for Q1)
  • Writing correctness tests
    • will be useful even if we end up throwing this prototype away
  • Stress testing
    • Notional goal is to simulate 250000 jobs for 10 minutes
    • See how far we can get with Python

Provisioner (owner: jonas)

  • jonas rewriting in node

Worker (owner: lightsofapollo)

Task Graph (owner: aki)

Treeherder Integration (owner: jeads)

Round Table

  • [jgriffin] Bare-bones project page at Auto-tools/Projects/TaskCluster
  • [jgriffin] Additional co-owner needed for the Worker component?
    • ted and jonas to help out here
  • [dminor] Maybe an owner for 'systems integration' / whole system testing?
    • ted to own this
  • [dminor] Can we agree upon a limited set of tags/parameters/? for matching jobs to workers for Q1?
    • Is maybe just os, cpu sufficient for now?
    • Something simple, maybe just AMI initially (or URL for a docker image), until we can explore the problem space a bit more
  • [jmaher] - are all parameters required for the json object coming into the job queue?
    • No, many of them are optional
  • [jgriffin] - For prototyping, we can use Pulse for any AMQP needs; we may switch out later to cloudamqp or other service

Action Items

  • [dustin] to discuss deployment strategies (heroku vs internal?) with lightsofapollo and other module owners
  • [jgriffin] to find a different meeting time for next week