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Previous Action Items

  • [dustin] to discuss deployment strategies (heroku vs internal?) with lightsofapollo and other module owners
    • Done - will continue to revisit as development proceeds
  • [jgriffin] to find a different meeting time for next week
    • Done, let me know if Thursdays @ 11am is bad for someone.

Status Updates

Job Queue (owner: dminor/ted)

  • Created postgres based branch
    • sqlite was slow even for testing!
    • task queue in postgres doesn't work very well and was replaced in socorro with rabbitmq
  • Created postgres/rabbitmq branch
    • Moved job queue to rabbit, tests are working well with minimal changes
    • Set up docker packaging to handle postgres, rabbit dependencies
    • Working on updating the stresstest to work with amqp
    • Looking to merge soon

Provisioner (owner: jonas)


  • Creates spot requests if there is pending tasks in queue
  • Cancels spot requests if pending tasks disappear
  • Kills instances if more than max-instances is running
  • Persona login for debug web-interface
  • Config files with queue hostname, etc.
  • A few superficial tests


  • Finish up web-interface to see provisioner state, and reasoning behind decisions,
  • Test in an actual deployment with AMIs that has workers, and the real queue (not the mock queue, I've used so far)
  • Two-legged oauth at some point...
  • When we're submitting test tasks to a real system, we can work on improving the provisioning algorithm

Worker (owner: lightsofapollo, jonas, ted)

 - live logging done (as of last week)
 - wiring up existing docker running capabilities to amqp/http interfaces (with live logging either on or off) in progress
 - Aim to have complete (AMI) deploy-able image by next meeting.

Task Graph (owner: aki)

  • not started, b2g and vcs-sync work. Hopefully will be able to delegate some of that to free up time.

Treeherder Integration (owner: jeads)

End-to-End Testing (ted)

 - initial dev box is ready https://github.com/taskcluster/packer-boxes (and available on s3) usable for docker "service" based testing.
 - need final agreement on docker-ifying the rest of the services and plan for the "deployment" repo
 - timeframe for integration testing?

Round Table

  • testing of services? (just looking for formal agreement on docker all top level services)
  • documentation site
  • re-spawn after try jobs? --dustin

Action Items