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TCGH is a Heroku app, all of its relevant configuration can be managed from the Heroku dashboards.

Setting up a new repo

  1. Have the repo create a webhook, where the url points at the tcgh heroku app's url.
    1. Note: There is a "Secret" that must be entered when setting up the webook.
    2. Note: If the WebHook Secret ever changes all repositories will be broken until they set up their webhooks again.
  2. Give the GitHub account https://github.com/TaskClusterRobot permissions to comment on pull requests, commits, and set statuses.
    1. Note: I recommend managing permissions via the creation of "Robot" team where TaskClusterRobot is a member.
    2. Note: https://github.com/TaskClusterRobot/utils/blob/master/repo-update.js may be used to set permissions in bulk.