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* All dates & buildID ranges are inclusive intervals (the range includes the endpoints)

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Affected products
(bugs in client)
Affected BuildIDs Affected dates
(bugs in server)
Bug # Description
Nightly 48 20160406 bug 1254550 No telemetry data from non-Windows builds due to MOZ_TELEMETRY_REPORTING not being defined.
Firefox <= 45.0.1, Up To Nightly 48 <=20161603 bug 1256290 GPUActive is undefined for secondary gfx adapters due to a bug in the environment gathering code.
Firefox 43 since Beta 43.0b2, Firefox >= 44, Up To Nightly 46 20151008- bug 1211404 Bug 1211404 breaks addons data collection when the Facebook SocialAPI provider is used. Bug 1238142 hardened our collection code client side and bug 1240682 deals with fixing the broken manifest.
Firefox 43 since Beta 43.0b2, Firefox >= 44, Up To Nightly 46 20151008- bug 1211404 Bug 1211404 breaks addons data collection when addon & theme .description is undefined. Bug 1233438 is fixing this.
Up to Nightly 45 <=20151911 bug 1222054 Telemetry was saving (but not sending) shutdown/saved-session pings on shutdown if FHR was disabled during the session. They were sent on the next session with FHR turned on.
Up to Nightly 45 20150411-20150911 bug 1222503 Telemetry does not report any GMPlugins in Nightly
Up to Nightly 45 <=20150411 bug 1218842 Telemetry submits inactive GMPlugins
Up to Nightly 42 <=20150728 bug 1183632 Single-process Firefox was reporting child process payloads generated by the thumbnailing service
Nightly/Aurora 40 & 41 <=20150721 bug 1168835 TELEMETRY_ARCHIVE_EVICTING_OVER_QUOTA_MS incorrectly included quota checking time.
All (Nightly 41-Release 38) All, 20150602 and earlier June 1, 2015 Mailing list thread New pipeline data outage, 2015-06-01 14:22-18:33UTC
Nightly/Aurora 40 & 41 All profiles updating to a build >=20150528 bug 1161515 previousSubsessionId & profileSubsessionCounter are reset with Nightly 20150528.
Nightly/Aurora 40 & 41 All pings until 20150507 bug 1157359 subsessionId chaining and profileSubsessionCounter broken, they are reset with Nightly 20150508.
Nightly & Aurora 40/41 20140414- broken by bug 1100501, fixed by bug 1156857 Histograms are gone from e10s child payloads
All All March - now bug 1146512 Telemetry aggregation job is significantly slower, causing missing data in dashboards for 1 week+
All All April 3 - April 7
*NEW* pipeline only
bug 1151839 Missing telemetry data in S3 on+after April 3rd, new pipeline only! Data isn't lost forever
All All Forever - Mar 12 bug 769844 Some UTF8 characters were replaced with a unicode placeholder character \fffd due to a bug in the server code.
Nightly 39 Nightly 39 up to and including 20150305072141 Feb 25 - Mar 5, 2015 fix Fallout from unification. Unified pings converted to saved-session pings by the server had set to "Windows_NT" instead of "WINNT". As a result, both version will be visible in the "OS" dropdown for Nightly 39 in the Telemetry dashboard.
Nightly 39 Nightly 20150226-20150311 bug 1140055 Fallout from unification. ping.payload.environment.addons.activeTheme may be missing?
Nightly 39 Nightly 20150226-20150310 bug 1139548 Fallout from unification. No Telemetry collected from sessions shorter than a minute.
Nightly 39 Nightly 20150226+ bug 1069869 FHR/Telemetry unification landed in Nightly 39 on Feb 25th. Telemetry from Nightly 39 not to be trusted
Nightly 37+38+39 All e10s Nightly until 20150307 bug 1135076, bug 1109931 e10s childPayloads not implemented correctly, losing child process histograms (except flag histograms?)