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PerfDocs was created from the need of having a centralized place of documentation for Mozilla performance tests. Is uses the perfdocs linter and it is an automated tool for gathering the performance tests documentation from the config files of every integrated testing framework.


PerfDocs code is spread across the Mozilla codebase:

  • The actual pyton code can be found at tools/lint/perfdocs, along with the template for the index page of perfdocs
  • Every performance testing framework integrated in PerfDocs contains a directory called perfdocs which contains the config file (that tells perfdocs how the tests are organized) and the rst template (which will be parsed as HTML) for the documentation subpage. The index page of every framework will be accessible from the index page of perfdocs.

Adding tests to a framework

When you add a new test to an existing framework, you need to make sure you add the corresponding description to the config file. For example if you add tests for mysite.com to raptor desktop you have to add in the config file under suites: desktop: dests: raptor-tp6-mysite: the specific description for your tests, like "Description for mysite".