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Discussion Topics

Project Updates

  • For up-to-date project status, please see https://www.standu.ps/project/fx-test/
  • kinto-integration-tests
    • Switched to Jenkins declarative pipeline
    • Plans to consolidate tests for all stacks into a single repository and filter test runs based on marks (annotations)
    • May require slight change to parameters pass from CloudOps Jenkins, but should be minimal (project/environment/stack)
  • stub-attribution-tests
    • Switched to Docker and migrated to page object model using PyPOM
  • fxa & sync : 2018 planning
  • More project updates in GDoc at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KqEDIKj5ZaSSc1dpDysD7w17DjxRMkGZ_WtXqg9-Np0/edit#

Action Items & Takeaways

  • Meeting lead: / note taker: