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Test Pilot 2017 Q2 Objectives and Key Results

Final Status (Jun 30) Comments
Objective 1 Extend Test Pilot so it is capable of mobile experiments 1
KR1 Develop a mobile Test Pilot strategy document 1 Mobile Strategy Document
KR2 Deliver 3 business canvases for 3 ideas to experiment with on mobile 1 Voice Fill, Notes, Send. Link
Objective 2 Grow user engagement .73
KR1 Receive 50 experiment ideas, suggestions, or patches 1 46 ideas on discourse + Idea Board. Jared has a crazy de-duping dashboard that will spit out numbers next quarter. Calling this 50 because some discourse ideas list several suggestions.
KR2 Conduct field research that results in 10 feature cards ready for UX 1 Feature cards
KR3 Test 3 contributor value hypotheses and publish the results .2
  • Voting up/down possible new experiments to help us choose and help people feel more involved
  • Writing up ideas for other users on how they are using experiments (e.g. snooze tabs seems to be something that people could develop productivity tips around)
  • Do a better job telling the story of Test Pilot. There's something here about content that TP is generating in terms of an approach to ideation and experimenting
First idea: 0. Second idea: We have the ideas, they aren't written. Much gnashing of teeth. 10%. Third idea: We have a plan, but we haven't done it. John is going to slide-in with a patch. 10%
Objective 3 Find, guide, and graduate ideas and experiments into features so that Test Pilot is a proven valuable input to the future direction of Firefox .87
KR1 Using survey technology, get at least an 80% response rate from Firefox stakeholders regarding the value and direction of Test Pilot 1 We got 100% of 80%. John will summarize and have a report by end of next week.
KR2 Build 1 prototype experiment to launch in Q3 1 File Share (Project is getting renamed to Send so that URL will probably break...)
KR3 Landing Firefox Screenshots in Firefox with a clear path to release 1 Screenshots is in Firefox!
KR4 Add 10 backlog issues from user tests of Firefox Screenshots 1 Link
KR5 Implement 4 feature cards for Test Pilot 1 Newsfeed, Feedback buttons, storing experiments people participated in, web-only experiments
KR6 Collect data from 100000 pulse submissions .4 Around 40000. Link to cumulative submissions
KR7 32% of users send something to their Min Vid playlist queue .71 Final count is on page 2 of the dashboard. Final count is 22.7% of users.