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Test Pilot 2017 Q2 Objectives and Key Results

Final Status (Jun 30) Comments
Objective 1 Extend Test Pilot so it is capable of mobile experiments
KR1 Develop a mobile Test Pilot strategy document
KR2 Deliver 3 business canvases for 3 ideas to experiment with on mobile
Objective 2 Grow user engagement
KR1 Receive 50 experiment ideas, suggestions, or patches
KR2 Conduct field research that results in 10 feature cards ready for UX
KR3 Test 3 contributor value hypotheses and publish the results
  • Voting up/down possible new experiments to help us choose and help people feel more involved
  • Writing up ideas for other users on how they are using experiments (e.g. snooze tabs seems to be something that people could develop productivity tips around)
  • Do a better job telling the story of Test Pilot. There's something here about content that TP is generating in terms of an approach to ideation and experimenting
Objective 3 Find, guide, and graduate ideas and experiments into features so that Test Pilot is a proven valuable input to the future direction of Firefox
KR1 Using survey technology, get at least an 80% response rate from Firefox stakeholders regarding the value and direction of Test Pilot
KR2 Build 1 prototype experiment to launch in Q3
KR3 Landing Firefox Screenshots in Firefox 54 with a clear path to release
KR4 Add 10 backlog issues from user tests of Firefox Screenshots
KR5 Implement 4 feature cards for Test Pilot
KR6 Collect data from 100000 pulse submissions
KR7 32% of users send something to their Min Vid playlist queue