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Test Pilot 2018 Q1 Objectives and Key Results

Final Status (Mar 30) Comments
Objective 1 Find, guide, and graduate ideas and experiments into features so that Test Pilot is a proven valuable input to the future direction of Firefox .92
KR1 Tab Split is 100% ready to ship .80
KR2 ThemesRFun is 100% ready to ship .88
KR3 Publish graduation reports for three experiments 1 Published 4: No More 404s, Snooze Tabs, Min Vid, Voice Fill
KR4 Prepare Send to transition to another group 1 This was a Code Quality OKR. bugs closed
Objective 2 Gain experience in WebExtension API experiments, so that we can ship things. .73
KR1 TabSplit is a WebExtension API experiment and not a bootstrap add-on 1 Tab Split changed so radically from the original design we got this for free by rewriting it as a web extension.
KR2 Test Pilot add-on is a pure Web Extension (all `bootstrap` label bugs are closed) .2 bugs closed. Got 2/10 closed by end of sprint, even though there is a PR for the rest of them under review.
KR3 A test pilot team member attends and reports back on 100% of the WebExtension meetings 1
Objective 3 Ensure the Test Pilot program and pipeline is healthy and robust 1
KR1 Publish a best practices guide for Test Pilot experimentation 1 See the guide
KR2 Publish 12 blog posts 1 13 entries published
KR3 Publish a Test Pilot Program Guide 1 See the guide
KR4 Run at least 3 user tests on a prototype built during a design sprint 1
KR5 Eight new experiment concepts added to pipeline 1 Link to pipeline