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Test Pilot 2018 Q3 Objectives and Key Results

Final Status (Oct 1) Comments
Objective 1 Extend the Firefox product ecosystem beyond browsers
KR1 Complete Firefox Accounts Integration. 1
KR2 Enable automated abuse monitoring and image administration tools for Screenshots. .9
KR3 Design and document an API for Screenshots that could be consumable by other Firefox services. 0
KR4 Deliver a team-testable implementation of Firefox Send for Android. 1
KR5 Deliver a publicly testable implementation of Send Version 2 for web. 1
KR6 Hand off product ownership of Notes to the Applications Services team with a groomed backlog and an agreed upon roadmap. .4
Objective 2 Maintain the health of the Test Pilot program
KR1 Conduct UR to validate the Email Tabs experiment. .8
KR2 Publish 5 blog posts on the Test Pilot blog. 1
Objective 3 Ensure that successful products graduate from Test Pilot and have durable homes
KR1 Make sure that Firefox Screenshots survives the deprecation of bootstrap code in Firefox. 1
KR2 Deliver Firefox Color to the Add-ons team as a replacement for Personas Plus. 1
KR3 Launch an AMO version of Side View and prep for graduation. 1
Objective 4 Provide product intelligence to directors and other teams
KR1 Create a private dashboard displaying where pre-release channel Screenshots users take shots. 1
KR2 Ship Side View in Shield in order to test its value to Firefox users. 0
KR3 Create a dashboard tracking covariance between Firefox engagement measures and the presence of specific Test Pilot experiments as well as other popular add-ons. .5
KR4 Create a Firefox services prioritization based on a multivariate fake door test. .5