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Test Pilot 2018 Q4 Objectives and Key Results

Final Status (Date TBD) Comments
Objective 1 Extend the Firefox product ecosystem beyond browsers
KR1 Ensure Send V2 Android is being dogfooded by at least 50 mozilla employees prior to public launch (early 2019). TBD
KR2 Ensure improved user flow, UI, file count, file size capabilities in Send V2 are ready for launch by closing all launch milestone issues. TBD
KR3 In order to present polished product experiences for Screenshots and Send, ensure that Screenshots and Send have UX that conform to the latest branding guidelines. TBD
KR4 Understand use cases of previously unreachable users by launching an integrated survey in the Screenshots add-on and getting 5k pieces of feedback. TBD
KR5 Improve Screenshots usability by closing all issues in our a11y and product usability project. TBD
KR6 Define a product roadmap based on feedback in order to drive Screenshots development in 2019. TBD
Objective 2 Maintain the health of the Test Pilot program
KR1 Launch an Email Tabs experiment helping users organize their browsing. TBD
KR2 Support shopping experiment launching in Test Pilot, as necessary. TBD
KR3 Create an MVP milestone and commence engineering on next experiment informed by Janice's fake door user research. TBD
Objective 3 Ensure that successful products graduate from Test Pilot and have durable homes
KR1 Publish a strategy to unify and simplify the Firefox theming systems. TBD
KR2 Continue to work with Applications Services PM to better define Notes product goals TBD
Objective 4 Provide product intelligence to directors and other teams
KR1 Conduct 25-30 user interviews to inform priority of next experiments. TBD
KR2 Conduct testing with 7 - 10 web users in order to assess the usability gaps in the Firefox Screenshot product. TBD
KR3 Present Summary of Q3/4 data research (Cloud Storage, Side View if available, Engagement covariance queries) to product managers. TBD
KR4 Provide data stewardship of Price Alerts and Email Tabs experiments. TBD
KR5 Facilitate rapid experiment prototyping by partnering with Firefox UX to implement 7 reusable add-on UI components. TBD