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The Test Pilot program ended in January 2019.

To read more, please see: Adios, Amigos. The information below is being retained for posterity. Thanks to all who traveled along with us!

Test Pilot Mission Control is a cross-disciplinary body responsible for steering the priority backlog of Test Pilot, approving and evaluating the tests run in Test Pilot, and providing resources for test initiators.


  • Steering the Test Pilot Project. Test Pilot Mission Control will provide oversight and guidance for Test Pilot as a product. Specific concerns include:
    • How should Test Pilot be marketed?
    • How does Test Pilot fit in with top line goals for Firefox in general?
    • How should we prioritize work within Test Pilot?
  • Curating and Supporting Tests. Test Pilot Mission Control will determine whether and in what order tests take place in Test Pilot. The basic set of decisions for each test is captured in this diagram.
    • Evaluating test submissions to determine if/whether a test belongs in Test Pilot
    • Determining MVP, core metrics, timeline, and success criteria for each test.
    • Providing support processes (legal review, BD, review, ops, hosting, metrics pipeline etc)
    • Providing (allocating) UX/Eng/Product resourcing for an tests.
    • Providing incremental feedback during the test development cycle.
    • Evaluating the results of each test, and how to transition them out of Test Pilot.


  • Nick Nguyen: Product
  • Philipp Sackl: UX
  • Laura Thomson: Engineering
  • Rebecca Weiss: Measurement
  • Matt Grimes: Strategy and Insights
  • Eric Pettit: Marketing

Test Pipeline

Current tests in the Test Pilot pipeline, and status. https://wiki.mozilla.org/Test_Pilot#List_of_Test_Pilot_Projects

Meeting Notes