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The activity manager is a system to keep track of events, errors, and ongoing processes.

This page should list all of the events, errors, and processes as they are added to the core Thunderbird app, so that testers can ensure that they're working properly.


  • moving, copying, or deleting messages and folders will log events.
  • Sending of messages (via Send Later or Send In Background)


  • When thunderbird can't connect to the network, it will log an activity error.
  • If sending later (or in background) fails, Thunderbird will log an activity error.


  • The IMAP autosync code creates processes when doing syncs. To test this, it's best to create a new account and have it sync a large IMAP folder (or over a slow connection).
  • Send Later and Send In Background progress - send a message later, then select "Send Unsent Messages" this should show send progress.