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Thunderbird Core Team

The Thunderbird Core Team are people who are typically actively involved with Thunderbird on a weekly basis, and are close enough to the project to have a major influence on direction. The Thunderbird Council reviews this list and decides membership, and will review this list on a regular basis (most recent update in March 2017). Members of the Core Team can generally speak intelligently about the consensus direction of Thunderbird, though the Thunderbird Council, represented by the Council Chair, would need to make any official statements.

Core Active Developers (in random order)

Magnus Melin (mkmelin) <>

Chair of the 2016 Thunderbird Council, Module Owner for /mail (which contains the primary Thunderbird-specific code)

MakeMyDay <>

Key contributor and reviewer of the Lightning calendar addon.

Jörg K (jorgk) <>

Member of the 2016 Thunderbird Council, code manager for Thunderbird 52 releases (as well as beta and aurora channels), first Thunderbird staff responsible for backend code stability, reviewer in /mailnews and /mail, compose window, editor/language/dictionaries/spelling/encoding issues, technical debt, bug triage (BMO).

Tooru Fujisawa (arai) <>

Arai is primarily involved with Mozilla's SpiderMonkey Javascript engine, but within Thunderbird he has actively helped migrate the JavaScript code to keep up with core changes.

Richard Marti (Paenglab) <>

Primary maintainer of Thunderbird themes, also provides code patches to keep Thunderbird current.

Sebastian Hengst (Archaeopteryx) <>

Contributes widely throughout Mozilla, in Thunderbird actively improves code quality, including resolving conflict issues with Mozilla core code.

Alta88 <>

Primary maintainer and peer of RSS Feeds, active in other areas including views.

Aceman (aceman) <>

Reviewer in /mail and /mailnews. Account manager UI, Filters UI, helps with bustage, addresses technical debt, keeps us up-to-date with core changes, general fixer of problems, bug triage (BMO).

aleth (aleth) <>

Key contributor and reviewer of chat backend, pursues build and test issues in overall codebase.

Philipp Kewisch (Fallen) <>

Member of the 2015 and 2016 Thunderbird Council, module owner for Lighting calendar addon (also Mozilla staff in addons).

R. Kent James (rkent]) <>

Treasurer of the 2016 Thunderbird Council, Chair of the 2015 Thunderbird Council, peer review in /mailnews (which contains the primary email backend) - also addon developer (e.g. ExQuilla for Microsoft Exchange, FiltaQuilla).

Patrick Cloke (clokep) <>

Member of the 2016 Thunderbird Council, manager of mercurial code transitions, key chat contributor and reviewer.

Other Core Team Members

Wayne Mery (wsmwk) <>

Member of the 2015 and 2016 Thunderbird Council, release manager for Thunderbird releases, key bug triager.

Matt Harris (mattau (9282890794))

Member of the 2016 Thunderbird Council, active leader in Thunderbird support (SUMO).

Joe Sabash (:JoeS1) <>

Thunderbird builds thread, testing nightly builds, release testing.

Florian Quèze (florian) <>

Member of the 2015 and 2016 Thunderbird Council, Module owner for chat, Mozilla staff member (in Firefox).

Stefan Sitter <>

Key contributor and bug triager for the Lighting calendar addon.