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Warning signWarning: This page is obsolete and is no longer updated. For current information refer to the Module System for up-to-date information on core responsibilities, and to the Contributing for information regarding contributors in general.

Thunderbird Core Team

The Thunderbird Core Team are people who are typically actively involved with Thunderbird on a weekly basis, and are close enough to the project to have a major influence on direction. The Thunderbird Council reviews this list and decides membership, and will review this list on a regular basis (most recent update in March 2019).

Core Contributors (in alphabetical order by first name or nick name)

  1. Aceman (aceman) <>: Reviewer in mail/ and mailnews/, keeps us up-to-date with core changes, general fixer of problems.
  2. Alessandro Castellani (Alecaddd) <>: Thunderbird UX lead, website designer, heavily involved in Thunderbird front-end work.
  3. Alta88 <>: Primary maintainer and peer of RSS Feeds, active in other areas including views.
  4. Andrei Hajdukewycz (sancus) <>: Thunderbird infrastrucure engieers, runs Thunderbird websites including
  5. Ben Campbell <>: Backend developer (the C++ stuff), maildir, LDAP, Telemetry, backend refactoring.
  6. Christopher Leidigh <>: Thunderbird add-ons coordinator.
  7. Geoff Lankow (darktrojan) <>: Jack of all trades, master of most including Calendar, add-ons support, WebExtention APIs.
  8. Florian Quèze (florian) <>: Module owner for chat.
  9. Joe Sabash (:JoeS1) <>: Thunderbird builds thread, testing nightly builds, release testing.
  10. Kai Engert (kaie) <>: Security, Privacy, S/MIME, NSS.
  11. Khushil Mistry <>: Front-end team, composition, editor, refactoring.
  12. Magnus Melin (mkmelin) <>: Module Owner for mail/.
  13. MakeMyDay <>: Key contributor and reviewer of the Lightning calendar addon.
  14. Matt Harris (mattau (9282890794)): Active leader in Thunderbird support (SUMO).
  15. Patrick Cloke (clokep) <>: Manager of mercurial code transitions, key chat contributor and reviewer.
  16. Paul Morris <>: Calendar and front-end work.
  17. Philipp Kewisch (Fallen) <>: Module owner for Lighting calendar addon.
  18. Richard Marti (Paenglab) <>: Primary maintainer of Thunderbird themes, also provides code patches to keep Thunderbird current.
  19. Rob Lemley <>: Thunderbird release engineer
  20. Ryan Sipes (ryanleesipes) <>: Community Manager for Thunderbird.
  21. Wayne Mery (wsmwk) <>: Release manager for Thunderbird releases, key bug triager.

Regular contributors (in alphabetical order by first name)

  1. Alfred Peters: Contributes to MIME, news, and triaging bugs.
  2. Alice White: Master regression finder.
  3. Gene Smith: Contributes to IMAP, knows all the different vendors inside-out.
  4. Joshua Cranmer: Mailnews Module Owner, reviewer.
  5. Markus Adrario (:taraman): Contributor to Calendar, reviewer.
  6. Martin Giger (:freaktechnik): Contributor to Chat, reviewer.
  7. Sebastian Hengst (Aryx): Contributes widely throughout Mozilla.
  8. Stefan Sitter <>: Bug triager for the Lighting calendar add-on.
  9. Thomas Düllmann: UX Contributor
  10. Tooru Fujisawa (arai) <>: Helps keeping Thunderbird's JavaScript code up-to-date with core changes.