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Thunderbird Core Team

The Thunderbird Core Team are people who are typically actively involved with Thunderbird on a weekly basis, and are close enough to the project to have a major influence on direction. The Thunderbird Council reviews this list and decides membership, and will review this list on a regular basis (most recent update in March 2019).

Core Contributors (in alphabetical order by first name or nick name)

  1. Aceman (aceman) <>: Reviewer in mail/ and mailnews/, keeps us up-to-date with core changes, general fixer of problems.
  2. Alessandro Castellani (Alecaddd) <>: Thunderbird UX lead, website designer, heavily involved in Thunderbird front-end work.
  3. Alta88 <>: Primary maintainer and peer of RSS Feeds, active in other areas including views.
  4. Andrei Hajdukewycz (sancus) <>: Thunderbird infrastrucure engieers, runs Thunderbird websites including
  5. Ben Campbell <>: Backend developer (the C++ stuff), maildir, LDAP, Telemetry, backend refactoring.
  6. Christopher Leidigh <>: Thunderbird add-ons coordinator.
  7. Geoff Lankow (darktrojan) <>: Jack of all trades, master of most including Calendar, add-ons support, WebExtention APIs.
  8. Florian Quèze (florian) <>: Module owner for chat.
  9. Joe Sabash (:JoeS1) <>: Thunderbird builds thread, testing nightly builds, release testing.
  10. Kai Engert (kaie) <>: Security, Privacy, S/MIME, NSS.
  11. Khushil Mistry <>: Front-end team, composition, editor, refactoring.
  12. Magnus Melin (mkmelin) <>: Module Owner for mail/.
  13. MakeMyDay <>: Key contributor and reviewer of the Lightning calendar addon.
  14. Matt Harris (mattau (9282890794)): Active leader in Thunderbird support (SUMO).
  15. Patrick Cloke (clokep) <>: Manager of mercurial code transitions, key chat contributor and reviewer.
  16. Paul Morris <>: Calendar and front-end work.
  17. Philipp Kewisch (Fallen) <>: Module owner for Lighting calendar addon.
  18. Richard Marti (Paenglab) <>: Primary maintainer of Thunderbird themes, also provides code patches to keep Thunderbird current.
  19. Rob Lemley <>: Thunderbird release engineer
  20. Ryan Sipes (ryanleesipes) <>: Community Manager for Thunderbird.
  21. Wayne Mery (wsmwk) <>: Release manager for Thunderbird releases, key bug triager.

Regular contributors (in alphabetical order by first name)

  1. Alfred Peters: Contributes to MIME, news, and triaging bugs.
  2. Alice White: Master regression finder.
  3. Gene Smith: Contributes to IMAP, knows all the different vendors inside-out.
  4. Joshua Cranmer: Mailnews Module Owner, reviewer.
  5. Markus Adrario (:taraman): Contributor to Calendar, reviewer.
  6. Martin Giger (:freaktechnik): Contributor to Chat, reviewer.
  7. Sebastian Hengst (Aryx): Contributes widely throughout Mozilla.
  8. Stefan Sitter <>: Bug triager for the Lighting calendar add-on.
  9. Thomas Düllmann: UX Contributor
  10. Tooru Fujisawa (arai) <>: Helps keeping Thunderbird's JavaScript code up-to-date with core changes.