Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2009-01-27

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Agenda / Decisions

  • This web page
    • less formal than the current weekly meetings; here's place to document decisions and possibly put agendas
  • Driver vs. weekly meetings
    • The structure of these meetings is not working, in part because there are a bunch of weird ordering dependencies between the two. davida has taken an action item to draft a proposal for how to structure things better.
  • Please keep on top of blocking? requests in your components.
    • Standard8 has a template for blocking+ bugs from a component; will create one for blocking? bugs
    • Each driver should edit their components on [[1]] and add an instantiation of each template for each of their components.
  • Splitting up front-end components
    • Mail-Window Front-End is a dumping ground; dmose to work with clarkbw to draft mda.t proposal for splitting it up.
  • Use of NEW vs. ASSIGNED
    • For the blocking list, we'd like to use NEW to mean "temporarily owned by a driver, needs to find someone who will do the work" and ASSIGNED to mean "driver believes the owner is the person who will actually be doing the work".
    • Drivers: please update the bugs in your components to match this semantics. Ideally today (Tuesday 1/27); otherwise as soon as you reasonably can.