Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2009-03-03

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Agenda / Decisions

  • state of buglist today
    • blocking+ list: 116
    • blocking? list: 18
    • not yet found/created/reported: ?
  • front-loaded: of 118 blockers
    • 71 in 3.0b3
    • 30 in 3.0rc1
    • 17 untargetted
  • pro: leaves room at the end for the stuff we haven't found yet (assuming realism, which is hard to tell)
  • shipping soon: very high value
    • gets existing fixes into users' hands
    • energizes us as a team
  • how do we map this to two milestones?
    • hard to predict how much work this is
    • ask everyone to get v3 bugs from NEW->ASSIGNED this week (dmose)
    • ask people to look at their own load regularly and say something AS SOON AS they think they need help
    • assume we're gonna try really really hard to get this amount of work into two 10-week milestones by throwing stuff overboard as necessary
  • triaging going forward
    • blocking?: what i've been doing: bias towards minusing and asking to renominate, unless we _can't_ ship without spending time drilling in more deeply (eg serious dataloss)
    • please try to triage your bug lists (blocking+ and blocking?) once a week before drivers meeting
    • front-load changes that are likely to need iteration & user feedback
  • Tb 3.0 & b3 draft schedules forthcoming
  • Firefox 3.5 slipping; we may want to consider shipping off something before 1.9.1 and uplifting to 1.9.1 after.