Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2010-03-30

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  • dmose

Agenda and Notes

  • 3.0 conversion funnel
    • various metrics available, working on correlating
    • 1st download page survey completed, 1 forthcoming
    • recent ISPdb changes have helped account completion successes, but not ADUs
      • retention numbers likely in play here too, upcoming funnelcake builds will help us understand that
      • Standard8 to work get info from metrics to help verify assumptions
  • 3.1b2/3.1
    • migration assistant
      • likely to be landable tonight
      • reviewing is the next challenge
    • quicksearch / search split
      • asuth working on mozmill tests
      • clarkbw needs to review, expects to request mild polish changes
    • test day
    • shipped, not yet announced: rebron to figure out
    • 2->3 plan mostly set, dmose to firm up plan in mail today
  • 3.0.4
    • released today!
    • should now have useful uninstall survey results, helpful for funnelcake