Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2010-04-20

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  • Ludovic

Agenda and Notes

  • 3.1b2/3.1
    • bug 545955 patch ready tonight for review.
    • bug 545469 and bug 505035 Around 16 hours of works with patch + UT - landing string before the complete patch
    • bug 557625 Figthing unit test failures - next 2/3 hours after status meeting
    • bug 559299 Just backup
    • Migration assistant : in review. Probably in today or tomorrow.
    • bug 550487 needs ui-review
    • bug 519956 Needs review by dmose
    • bug 534604 Waiting for a new patch. We could take over.
    • bug 394687 Waiting Neil's review. DavidB to ping Neil.
    • Globally in pretty good shape and L10N have should have enough time.
  • Tb 2 -> Tb3 messaging
    • Waiting on dmose for one more document for the roadmap. When ready -> blog post.
    • Messaging out since a week some people are moving and getting emails to press etc about issues.
  • 3.0.5
    • Little idea to fit that in B2 and RC1. If delay possible -> After RC1, waiting on dveditz's opinion
  • 3.0 conversion funnel
    • Shoot for Wednesday. We need a website update - almost ready.
    • Bug filed to turn it off. Website, bouncer, FTP, in that order.