Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2010-04-27

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  • bienvenu

Agenda and Notes

  • 3.1b2
    • proposed l10n/build plan - build U.S. builds today, localized builds on Friday, ship next Wednesday
  • 3.1rc1 / 3.1
    • Possible Schedule for RC1, assuming 3.1b2 release of 5th May and feeling on blockers.
      • Code freeze: could be anywhere between 10th and 14th May.
      • L10n completion: 16th May 23:59 PDT (end of day Sunday)
      • Build Starts: 17th May (Monday)
      • QA starts: 18th May (Tuesday)
      • RC1 release: 25th May (Tuesday)
      • Release 1 June, unless we have to respin
    • Side notes:
      • Need to be getting the website updated now, as very short time for l10n to complete changes, i.e. 4 weeks.
      • Dmose and Standard8 to triage blocking list this afternoon
      • Will float proposed schedule to localizers and see if there's any pushback about the L10N deadline.
  • Tb 2 -> Tb3 messaging
    • This has been relatively well-received.
  • 3.0.5
    • Ludo will be on vacation when next gecko release comes out (May 13th), so we might delay 3.0.5. Or find some other way of getting the QA done.
  • 3.0 conversion funnel
    • Launched last Thursday. Data is coming in and Raphael will be crunching the numbers.