Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2010-07-27

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Agenda & Notes

  • Advertised major updates (dates subject to feedback)
    • dmose waiting on response re 1.9.1 lifespan
    • waiting on 3.1.2
  • 3.1.2
    • hopefully will build on friday, ship next week
    • need
      • gloda issue makes gloda completely unusable (bug 578918)
      • security crasher
    • may also take
      • whitespace-at-beginning-of-email (bug 564737)
      • password prompt/IME issue
      • won't save authentication method "normal password" as preference (bug 580270)
  • 3.0.7
    • linked to Firefox 3.6.9/3.5.12 release schedule
      • currently expected to build late August, ship early September
  • 3.2
    • need to track provisioning work, as that seems most likely thing for this ship vehicle
    • l10n stuff needs to happen
      • makes sense to prep now, but execute when further along
  • Trunk maintenance
    • Standard8 to post more libxul discussion to tb-planning today
    • packaged mozmill tests will allow try server to run tests & ease review burden
    • Add-on manager is very buggy, filing bugs would be great
    • compose regressions an issue
    • Use [tb32needs] in whiteboard until Standard8 is able to catch up with reed re blocking flag setup
  • Conversion funnel
    • rebron has filed bug for next Funnelcake to be based on 3.1.2