Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2011-02-15

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Agenda & Notes

  • Miramar (3.3)
    • going to start moving forward with OpenSearch + Account Prov for next 3.3 beta
    • inlined free-provider web page (driven by bwinton)
    • clear communications strategy about what we're trying to do (Standard8)
    • next beta in a few weeks?
  • Account Provisioning, Open Search, & priorities
    • Open Search hopefully will be blogged this week
    • Account provisioning user-testing waiting on builds from Standard8
  • Stability & Security Releases: 3.1.x
    • 3.1.8 delayed due to crash issues with updater, ETA for release currently unknown.
  • Conversion funnel
    • Waiting on 3.1.8 build


bienvenu, bwinton, dmose, gozer, Ludo, rebron, roland, Standard8