Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2011-03-15

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Agenda & Notes

  • Miramar (3.3)
    • Alpha 3
      • What's New page status?
        • Andy working on; expectation could be done by tomorrow
      • Decision was made to release today
    • Draft system-requirements page ready (see drivers list), will be posting with Alpha 3.
    • mozilla-central branching
    • Migration Assistant in 3.3
      • Keep or drop? xref bug 623151: plan is to keep for now, drop later
  • Account Provisioning, Open Search, & priorities
    • Beta 1: Account provisioning
    • Beta 2: Open Search
  • Stability & Security Releases
    • 3.1.10 schedule is now up
    • Contains updater fixes, plus the sqlite upgrade (should fix top crash, may be able to confirm this in 3.3a3 crashes first).
  • Conversion funnel
    • On hold; rebron to check with sancus on status


bienvenu, dmose, gozer, rebron, roland, Standard8