Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2011-05-10

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Agenda & Notes

Account Provisioning, OpenSearch, & priorities

  • Working on reviews this week.
  • Neither of these will make Miramar.
  • OpenSearch might make, depending on contractual stuff.


  • Now down to 6 blockers. Final string changes should land in the next couple of hours.
  • Ready to branch?
  • Next Tuesday is the mozilla-aurora -> mozilla-beta date, so we'll need to separate mozilla-miramar from mozilla-aurora at that point.
  • First beta
    • Soon after 17th May, with whatever l10n we have - we can pick up more l10n as we move forward.
    • Looking to offer MUs to the 3.1.x beta users, so that we can move at least some of them across to the new beta path.

Release Train

  • Re-start nightlies - tomorrow?
  • Next train leaves on 24th May
  • Is there anything simple that we can slip in for
    • Channel changing
  • Goals for
    • Get on the release train.
    • Get aurora and beta repositories set up.
    • Get aurora channel set up.

Stability & Security Releases

  • Schedule still TBD.

Conversion funnel

  • Need to co-ordinate with Sancus.
  • Talked to someone on metrics about looking at numbers.