Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2011-07-26

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  • Standard8

Agenda & Notes

Thunderbird 5

  • Happy with crashes and stability, unthrottling major updates today.

Thunderbird 6

  • Possibly another beta this week.
  • Depends on timing.
  • Several bugs to land and fix.

Thunderbird 7

  • On branch, keep an eye out for address book issues

Thunderbird 8

Feature Tracking


  • Need patches reviewing
  • New leaks - but making progress

Account Provisioning, OpenSearch, & priorities

Test Pilot

  • Top priority
  • client work done (squib). Someone to talk to the Moco team so Jono knows and we gather the data.
  • The big chunk of work is to listen into the server side. Rebron to check with Squib and Jono
  • Need UI for opt-in for account data manipulation on the first account. bug 641935

Stability & Security Releases

  • Next 1.9.2 release Aug 16th.

Conversion funnel

  • Nothing to add


  • help Fallen to triage.
  • Get rid of beta status for the extension.


jb, bienvenu, rebron, Standard8, bwinton, roland, jhopkins