Thunderbird/Driver Meetings/2011-08-30

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  • Bienvenu

Agenda & Notes

Thunderbird 6

  • Doing 6.0.1 for chemspill
  • uptake has been good

Thunderbird 7

  • beta 1 released last Friday, updates Saturday
  • doing beta 2 for chemspill this week
  • Most of info for compatibility update has been given to Sancus - a couple more bits are needed, especially de-rdf of AB. Info needed by Friday.

Thunderbird 8

  • Need to update what's new and start page for Aurora

Feature Tracking


  • Up for review

Account Provisioning, OpenSearch, & priorities

  • No changes from last week.
  • Protz will work on account provisioning - JB has taken over Product Mgmt for this feature, Standard Project Mgmt for this feature

Test Pilot

  • A bit of work left to do on door hangers - slip to TB 9 beta. Squib is doing the work.
  • Will need more security reviews to allow Test Pilot into shipping builds, as well as better review of tests, etc.
  • Rebron to work on opt-in UI experience

Stability & Security Releases

  • Doing a 3.1.13 chemspill release

Conversion funnel


  • Hoping to automate build and release for this merge cycle, within the next 4 weeks.


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