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ISPDB Meeting Details :

Note: We will be using conference room 4401.


Action Items


Grading Scheme!




Are there any thoughts on where to go with the Approval Comments? DavidA? Gozer? ClarkBW?

Status Updates

Louie Dinh

Sorry I missed the meeting. Slipped my mind.

This Week

  • Submitted a patch for xml valiadation unit test that checks ispdb xml exports against an xml schema (Bug #522253) and waiting for reviews
  • fixed as_xml() function to return correct fields and validate against xml schema
  • Submitted a patch for auto-filling default ports (Bug #518315) and waiting for reviews

Next Week

  • Revise any patches that get reviewed for checkin
  • resume work on queue unit tests
  • Investigate round-trip test + wrap up into an import function
Lindauson Hazell

Last Week 10/18/09 - 10/24/09:

Reserve Bug[518510]

Gave up on Windows installation. Almost done configuring ISPDB on Linux. However, I should say that a major part of my reluctance to switch is in the fact that I would be even more uncomfortable working within Linux. But I guess if the installations work, and I don't have to do to many work-arounds, I should be fine.

This week 10/25/31 - 10/31/09:

(The same thing I try to do every week) Try to get a my tests running, tested, and made into a patch. I feel good about this week since I switched to Linux. I may need help from the team though -- while I have been a Linux user for a long time, I have never done this sort of thing...

Working as hard as I can on this...

Eric Henry

Last Week:

  • Worked on bug 522251
    • Django model complete
    • Comments posting
    • Waiting on consensus for form "design"

This Week:

  • Possibly work on new P1 bug
  • Work on /details/ unit test
Dana McDougal
Jay Schmidek

Last Week:

This Week:


Blake, Jay, Eric, Lindauson