Thunderbird/Infrastructure/Test Infrastructure Status

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Builders Test Type Crashes correctly reported Comments Bug/Changeset Refs
Bloat All Yes Windows on 1.9.1 needs additional fix fed3279ed4fb
Check (release) check No Crash reporter/other method not enabled (core). Probably would be better on some platforms with debug builds. N/A
xpcshell-tests No Crash reporter will only work with libxul based xpcshell-tests TBD
MozMill (Mac / Linux) Yes (not 1.9.1) Not confirmed build symbols match to builds yet. comm-1.9.1 needs patches. bug 530055
MozMill (Windows) No Although partially works, something hangs and causes tinderbox to time out and then show as busted TBD

Note: bug 548548 currently stops the production windows builders failing out of make check tests correctly (if they crash it causes a timeout).

Staging needs bug 549067 to get symbols on its stacks.