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Now that Mozilla Messaging is part of Mozilla Corporation, it doesn't make sense to have separate websites and collateral. Therefore it doesn't make sense to have SuMoMo, i.e. the Mozilla Thunderbird Support Knowledge Base at

Accordingly, we would like to move elsewhere as soon as possible.

Ideal Scenario:<locale>/thunderbird w/SSO

move to<locale>/thunderbird with "support" single sign on

  • SuMoMo moves to
  • Single Sign on for all support websites for all verticals: Firefox, Firefox Mobile, Sync and Thunderbird


  1. Big win for users!


  1. requires a single Kitsune consolidated "super-instance" to handle all four verticals which Kitsune is not currently designed for (NB(james) we already have 3 of these, and will presumably also be dealing with other services and somehow with Apps eventually. To support more products, there are changes we can make but we don't have to.)
  2. we're not YET ready to merge Thunderbird support into SUMO which handles the other three verticals
  3. considerable implementation cost for the SUMO dev and SUMO teams as well as Thunderbird teams but this kind of work needs to be done eventually for Mobile, and Sync and eventually Apps as well

proxy:<locale> to existing momo server

  • SuMoMo moves to which proxies to a separate TB Kitsune instance from the Firefox Kitsune instance


  1. Minimizes development cost to SUMO dev team
  2. Since Thunderbird and Firefox are still running separate Kitsune instances, data is separated so nothing needs to change in the day to day running of the Kitsune instances


  1. Potentially confusing to users but still less confusing than
  2. No support single sign on i.e. different userids for support of Firefox and support of Thunderbird which is the case today
  3. Ugly re-direct rules and urls will change when we move to<locale>/Thunderbird
  4. proxying is slow

interim solution: move to other subdomain



  1. can be done very quickly
  2. no dev impact to SUMO team
  3. no dev required for Kitsune


  1. Yet another subdomain for which will have to be approved by the "one mozilla" team