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Who is involved

Principle Designer 
Bryan Clark
Andreas Nilsson
Blake Winton
Thunderbird Team

What is being done

We are designing a version of Thunderbird, using add-ons, which is optimized specifically for use in netbooks.

Where is work taking place

When will this be finished

Individual Add-ons will be developed and released as they are ready and then added to the Netbook collection. This work is starting after the release of Thunderbird 3 and will continue between the Thunderbird 3.0 and 3.1 time frame; possibly further if needed.

Why is this being done

Netbooks are popular devices for connecting to the internet and email however they present new challenges in terms of display resolution and capacity which regular desktops don't have. Certain new ideas and implementations coming from this effort will likely land into the Thunderbird core as it makes sense.