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Thunderbird Release Drivers

Thunderbird drivers are primarily concerned with ensuring the quality, stability and security of the Thunderbird releases. This responsibility covers beta and release channels. Thunderbird drivers may decide to advance or delay release dates and features or fixes through the release train if it affects quality, stability or security.

The active team that is primarily responsible for Thunderbird releases is:

  • Wayne Mery (:wsmwk, Release Manager)
  • Jörg Knobloch (:jorgk, Release Driver)
  • Joe Sabash (:joes, Quality Assurance Lead)

Jörg has permissions to grant or deny tracking and approvals on bugs and patches. The Thunderbird drivers list ( consists of the active team as well as those involved in producing Thunderbird releases, and appropriate advisers. At the team's discretion, it also contains third parties who are responsible for producing distributed builds of Thunderbird, primarily Linux distributions, so that they are advised as to build and release progress, timing and issues.

Managing Releases

Target Milestones

A bug is typically marked as fixed when it lands on trunk (i.e. comm-central). The only exception to this is when it does not actually apply to trunk, but only to a stable branch.

Thunderbird Drivers request that when a bug is marked as fixed, its milestone is updated to be the match the next trunk release milestone.


One or more of the Thunderbird drivers will regularly triage nominations and other status flags, consulting with other drivers and relevant parties as necessary.

To check the current blocking and wanted bugs for a release, we have a bug tracking page here.

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