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Support questions posted on Knowledge Base forums

Hello. Please use the Thunderbird support site for questions about using Thunderbird. This forum is for discussing the article, for example suggesting corrections or enhancements. On the support site, you may be able to find the answer to your question by searching previously answered topics. If you can't find an answer, you can post your question, which will be seen and hopefully answered by Thunderbird support volunteers.


tb-kb via Mozilla Contribute page

If this is a valid contribution offer (or if the person didn't specify anything in the text field), use some variant of the text on

If it is a support request, bug report or enhancement request, use the text below.

Support questions

Hello! Thanks for your interest in Thunderbird.

The Contribute form, which you used for this inquiry, is used to inquire about volunteer opportunities with Mozilla. (Mozilla is a non-profit that relies heavily on volunteer contributors.)

For questions like these, I suggest you take a look at our support site ( If you search for related terms you will probably find an answer to your problem. If you can't find an answer, try asking your question in a new thread.

When you find the answer, we would very much appreciate it if you search the support site for similar questions and pass the answer along to other users.

I hope that helps, and thanks in advance for your contribution!

Bug reports

Hello! Thanks for your interest in Thunderbird.

We always appreciate people helping us with testing. When you find a bug, please check to see if it has been logged in Bugzilla, our bug database ( For tips on searching the bug database, see "Screening Duplicate Bugs" (

If you can't find a bug, please add a new one. There are some bug writing guidelines on the Mozilla Developer Network (

For more information about our testing processes, please see

We realize that this process is somewhat complicated, but there are millions of Thunderbird users and only a dozen staff. Therefore we very much rely on our users to help us out.

Thanks in advance for your contribution!

Enhancement requests

From a Developer

Hello! Thanks for your interest in helping with Mozilla's Thunderbird email clients. We are always interested in new ideas!

Unfortunately our core development team doesn't have the bandwidth to take on projects like this at this time, as they are currently focused on back-end infrastructure work and enhancements determined by our development roadmap.

I suggest you log an enhancement request in Bugzilla ( Another Thunderbird contributor may be interested and take it up as a volunteer development project.

If you decide to work on it yourself, there are some instructions for programming Thunderbird here: You can talk to our developer community on the #maildev IRC channel.

If you would like to help us but don't have time to develop a new feature, we always need help with alpha and beta testing. See for more information.

Thanks again for your interest in Thunderbird!

From a User

Hello! Thanks for your suggestion regarding the Mozilla Thunderbird email client. We are always interested in feedback from our users.

Our core development team is fully scheduled regarding maintenance and enhancements to the Thunderbird code base. Enhancements of the kind you suggest are usually implemented as Thunderbird add-ons written by a member of the volunteer contributor community.

I suggest that you post your suggestion on our support web site: Other members of the community can discuss your idea, and potential add-on developers can track the conversation.

First, search to see if your suggestion has already been posted. (Click the down arrow beside the search field to limit your search to "Ideas"). If you find an idea similar to your own, add a comment. If you don't find a similar idea, create a new one.

Thanks again for your interest in Thunderbird!

Request to add support information to Knowledge Base

It would be great to have this question and answer added to the Thunderbird Knowledge Base ( The Knowledge Base is used by thousands of Thunderbird users every day and is the best source for accessible, authoritative documentation.

Could you help other Thunderbird users by creating an article (or adding the information to an existing article) that describes this problem and solution? Mozilla relies on our community of contributors, and we particularly hope that people who ask questions will pass on their knowledge to others.

It's easy:

1. Create an account on the Knowledge Base (

2. We use a forum as a TODO list for Knowledge Base enhancements. We've added this issue as an item to the TODO list (<>). Add a reply to the message that says you are working on the item.

3. Create the article ( or edit an existing article and add the new information.

4. Back on the forum thread, add another reply that says you have completed the changes.

Don't worry about making a mistake. Your article will be held for approval by the Knowledge Base administrators. We will check it over and then make it live.


- Check out "Improve the Knowledge Base" ( for more detailed instructions.

- Ask the admins for help by sending a message to

Thanks in advance for your contribution to the Thunderbird community!

New Contributors on Get Satisfaction

[post the following as a comment or reply on get satisfaction]

Hi X:

We noticed that you have been helping support Thunderbird users in Get Satisfaction. Thanks for your contribution to the Thunderbird community!

Always great to have new people helping out Get Satisfaction!

Here are some tips that may be helpful to you for supporting Thunderbird users:

1. Getting Started:

2. Some Boilerplate:

3. Get Satisfaction Tagging:

It would be helpful if you could email me, Roland Tanglao, the Thunderbird support lead, rtanglao AT a brief blurb on yourself and how you came to start supporting Thunderbird users. We're always looking to gain insight into how folks join the Thunderbird support community.

And please do join the tb-support-crew mailing list:

It's where other folks who support Thunderbird users and write documentation for Thunderbird users hang out and help each other.

Finally if there are any questions or any issues of any sort, please don't hesitate to email me rtanglao AT or contact me (my IRC nickname is rolandtanglao and I am usually on IRC 9a.m.ish-4p.m.ish Pacific Monday-Friday) at #tb-support-crew.

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