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Business Development Group

Business relationships that involve Thunderbird are managed by the Business Development Group. This group is led by Kent James (Module Owner) with participation by Wayne Mery and Magnus Melin (Module Peers). Members of this group sign a non-disclosure agreement with Mozilla.

Localization Liason

Works with the Mozilla localization community to improve Thunderbird localization.

  • Encourage new languages
  • Monitor progress on localization for releases
  • Encourage and facilitate localization of supplemental resources such as web pages

Web Developer

Prepare and update Thunderbird web resources, including:

Community Engagement Lead

Encourage community involvement in Thunderbird

  • Monitor entry points for new contributors, and work with them to get onboard
  • Add Thunderbird content to various Mozilla initiatives in community engagement
  • Investigate and overcome barriers for new contributors to be involved
  • Participate representing Thunderbird in Mozilla meetings on engagement
  • Work with existing contributors to better enable their engagement with Thunderbird

Release Manager

Focus attention on issues associated with specific releases

  • Identify and monitor key bugs for current, beta, aurora, central, and next-esr releases
  • Sign off on builds for release
  • Encourage developers to solve key bugs
  • Prepare release notes

User Advocate

Serve as the voice of the user within the Thunderbird team

  • Follow, participating if possible, in Mozilla user advocacy efforts
  • Monitor user experience and prioritize issues for the developer team to address
  • Develop user metrics to better understand how Thunderbird is used
  • Communicate with users who want to advocate for particular bug fixes or features