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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Action Items


  • nth10sd & wsmWK: Bug day on Thursday 27 March 2008.
    • nth10sd will be present for all three timeslots.
    • wsmWK will be on for the American timeslot.
  • Triage old bug review queues
    • Feel free to get back to the reviewers within a reasonable timeframe
      • A day or two is reasonable
      • Some reviewers may not have read the bugmail regarding the review request.
    • Ping the reviewer on IRC, or send a personal email
  • Feed reader progress
    • No updates
    • dmose will ping myk
    • No idea if Callek pinged either


  • Everyone: if you're interested in being a Google Summer of Code mentor, please add your name to the wiki page
    • We have shortage of mentor bandwidth, need to think how to scale up.
    • GSoC is a good idea in the medium to long term
    • beckley: can Penelope put forward projects?
      • dmose: yes, if you can mentor
      • difficult to predict how much mentoring is needed ahead of time though.
      • beckley is happy to mentor anyone who is willing to work on Penelope.


  • Driving
    • davida on holiday, dmose was not feeling well, not much done last week.

Bug Day


beckley: What is the status of review/superreview queue? We have a number of bugs pending.

  • dmose will try to see to it.
  • We can see outstanding reviews in "My Requests" option at top menu of Bugzilla and can filter all outstanding Thunderbird reviews.
    • Fair amount of old / abandoned reviews.
    • No metric support, we cannot track average time taken from review? to review-/+ at present, we can only see outstanding requests at any point in time.

KaiRo posted on the newsgroup about triaging old SeaMonkey bugs:

  • wsmWK: Core: MailNews should be triaged as well.
  • KaiRo: Should get easier after the bugzilla reorg.
  • Number now 800+.
  • Though it can be misleading since something as simple as a CC add / delete can constitute a "change" in that regard.
  • Some significant triaging are going on by ~2 folks since the announcement of the newsgroup post.
  • Bug day is the beginning of cleanup of Thunderbird bugs as well.


dmose, wsmWK, KaiRo, Standard8 (Mark), nth10sd (Gary), beckley, emre, asuth, clarkbw