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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Action Items


  • dmose to do clarifying post about how TB 3.0 roadmap should work w.r.t feature freeze, string freeze, etc.
    • the conversation is still going, can't post until after it's over


  • davida to blog about QA smoke testing blog post
  • New Hg repository will be called comm-central

Thunderbird:Shredder a2

  • On track; 5 blockers remain. Several of these are likely to land today
  • Looks like new build automation will be used to handle builds; may solve our Mac breakpad issue
  • Tree closure should be short, just long enough to stabilize tree and pick a build date

QA Updates


Status Updates

  • Multiple review passes over nsIAbCard refactoring (bug 413260)
  • Worked with beckley and bienvenu to sort out Redirect strategy
  • Various 3.0a2 and 3.0 driving stuff
  • Going to be in Vancouver Weds-Fri of this week
  • Back in GMT+8.
  • Light bug triage occasionally.
  • Schedule ahead till mid-August is still sketchy / sporadic.
  • afk until 12th July - have a good code freeze.
  • Before I left I did:
    • Address Book
      • bug 437903/bug 439470 Fixed display of properties, and sending to mailing lists defined within Mac OS X Address Books.
      • bug 438035 Fixed nsAbView from doing dangerous things with nsIAbDirectory objects and ensured it correctly removed its listeners
      • bug 443035 regression fix.
    • General
      • bug 397621 Rebranding Thunderbird to Shredder
      • bug 308552 Submitted SM fix for build bustage, and debugged why the initial patch didn't seem to work.
  • Global Database Milestone 1!
  • Submitted CondStore patch for review bug 327971 (bug 436151?)
  • Worked on getting Autoconfigure code into account wizard bug 422814
  • Checked in select starred messages patch bug 72823
  • Code reviews and patch testing
  • Made more progress on clearing out bug list
  • Doing military service
  • Buildbot setup is really churning
    • Bonsai notified
    • Linux dep check build symbols: GREEN
    • OSX deb check build symbols: GREEN
    • Win32 dep nocheck build symbols: GREEN
      • Win32 dynamic build broken, so no tests for now
    • Tinderbox reporting in MozillaTest
      • {win|unix|osx}-builder (will be renamed)
  • Got my Hg account created
    • buildbot config needs to move in Hg
  • Remote access to buildbot is needed
    • How do we go about this ?
  • Sun Hardware
    • Still broken, working with Sun on various thing we can try on our end before resorting to replacement
  • Phones
    • Extension forwarding (davida?)
  • Personnal
    • Moved in! Let the unboxing begin
  • preparing for QA of Shredder 3.0a2
    • reviewing litmus tests, setting up tests, fixing incorrect tests
    • obtained volunteers for QA of RC of 3.0a2
  • bug triage, especially crashers
  • If litmus tests are updated, email me directly so I don't miss them
  • Was out for large portions of Wed/Thurs due to sister's graduation
  • Started on IMAP fakeserver bug 437193
  • Pushing bug 413260 through sr
  • More work on bug 424446, needs 1.9.1 to finish
  • Preparing perf tests on bug 418551
  • Helped gozer get unix-builder green
  • Worked on rearranging the manual filtering code to support filtering of only selected messages: bug 440635
  • Added a lengthy comment about Edit Message As New vs. Redirect: bug 359226
  • Reviewed a change to the Eudora mail importer to handle non-ASCII attachments names better: bug 443344
  • Commented on a couple of composition addressing bugs: bug 257921 and bug 440377
  • Have a couple of bugs waiting ui-review: bug 359226 and bug 440635
  • Helping sid0 test Windows Desktop Search integration: bug 430614
  • Work on the test Hg repo is progressing really well.
  • Should be ready for then CVS is imported into comm-central


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