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Thunderbird Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes: Gozer

Action Items


  • davida: file a bug on getting an announcements feed going on]
  • everyone: look for delight bugs for the next release, put [delight] in status whiteboard


  • dmose: will send out email scheduling drivers meeting for 9:30 Thursday
  • davida: file a bug on getting a planet.mozillamessaging.com bug 449252

Thunderbird:Shredder a2

  • Post Mortem took too long to schedule, cancelled
  • Next time around, include it in the release schedule

Thunderbird 3

  • lots of triage has happened; status = ?
  • some question about use of Target-Milestone field
  • action item(dmose): email drivers to schedule meeting this week

Thunderbird:Thunderbird 3.0b1

  • One week to planned code freeze (9th September)
  • Today is planned string freeze for 3.0b1 (2nd September)
  • wsmwk is the QA lead of Beta 1
  • Standard8 is the release driver
  • Ended up pushing the schedule by 2 weeks:
    • Three week to planned code freeze (23th September)
    • Two week planned string freeze for 3.0b1 (16th September)

The schedule will be updated accordingly

L10N builds/String Freeze

  • L10N builds:
    • SeaMonkey and Firefox now have some level of L10N builds for testers
    • Firefox has compare-locales and L10N dashboard
    • Thunderbird potentially has compare-locales once editor/ui moves (next couple of days)
    • devmo (L10n on Mercurial) now has instructions for comm-central as well as mozilla-central.
    • Gozer will adapt SeaMonkey's L10N buildbot config to our own
  • String Freeze - Main bugs:
    • Account Configuration bug 422814
      • No reviews posted yet
      • might be ready in a week -- DavidA
    • Password Manager bug 239131
      • Still a lot of work to do.
      • At least one good week -- Standard8
    • Gloda bug 450494
      • davida: relatively few strings, need to be concerned about UI for upgrading
    • Inline card dialog bug 450724 patches:
      1. Mechanics: awaiting clarkbw's approval
      2. Inline Edit dialog: requested reviews (philor, clarkbw), but need to resolve one issue
      3. Add-on-click: patches ready, awaiting reviews
      4. Star UI: prototyped, need to do proper version.
    • Improved Message Reader View bug 449691
      • No patches for review yet. Don't know how many strings are to be changed.
    • Offline Data Storage Pref Screen bug 369096 (??)

Blockers / Wanted Bugs

  • 3 blockers with no owner:
    • bug 429118 Thunderbird inline spell check broken
      • This has a proposal for fixing it, needs someone to implement/test
    • bug 408370 STEEL
    • bug 437056 run a message filter on a folder - "choose this folder" option missing, can't run on folders with subfolders
      • Needs an updated patch.
    • bug 452832 drag and drop multiple messages between folders fails (moves only one)
      • Has suggested fix
  • High priority bugs not referenced above:
    • bug 360648 TB toolkit autocomplete migration
      • Waiting on one review from Beltzner
      • LDAP code needs doing.

QA Updates


Status Updates

  • message view work
  • reviewed switch of email User-Agent header to use the full Gecko user-agent (bug 230182)
  • started work to try and make chromebug usable in tb
  • bug triage & driving work ( approvals, etc.)
  • More bug triage, bugdays etc.
  • +1 to jcranmer's post on mozilla.dev.planning about TB bug number stats..
  • Yes, UNCO bug numbers are still going down... :)
  • Post-meeting edit: Spread Thunderbird first envisioned on October 3rd 2004. :D
    • Back then, Firefox was just 0.10.1, and Thunderbird, 0.8
  • Updated IMAP fakeserver patch, currently tracking down problems
  • AB refactoring awaiting dmose's review
  • bug 311774 (one of 2 major news unread bugs) complete except for tests
  • Reviews & Driving
  • Build
    • bug 451981 Added a package-compare target and got gozer to hook it up to tinderboxes - we can now reasonably easily see if we're missing packaging items into the windows build (useful for a pre-release check).
    • bug 453110 Started updating the packaging file...
  • L10N
    • Added to the instruction pages for L10N builds.
    • bug 445146 Moving editor/ui to comm-central.
  • Password Manager
    • bug 419595 nsLDAPURL update (still needs one more update)
  • Inline Edit Card Dialog
    • bug 452614 Provide nsIAbCard::hasEmailAddress
    • bug 453301 Provide a function to add a single contact to the collected address book.
    • bug 450724 Three patches now posted, last one to actually add the star to be done.
  • Misc
    • bug 451257 Composing a message after the contacts sidebar was closed sometimes crashes Thunderbird.
    • bug 452419 Message Header display shouldn't get the show references pref for each item of the header displayed.
  • (light week)
  • first batch of gloda unit tests basically ready; need to alter code to not use settimeout in the unit test case...
  • got "exptoolbar" working with minimal required changes to thunderbird (just need toolkit autocomplete turned on). Gloda now feeds a search db view, works quite nicely. (This is the "bubble" stuff).
  • Reviews and Driving
  • fix truncated message pop3 download for global inbox, bug 450649
  • Continued work on auto config;
  • maintain kewyords on imap detach/delete if server supports keywords, bug 440366
  • fix edit cut/copy/paste/delete menu items bug 448326
  • fix crash in debug builds downloading pop3 mail into global inbox, bug 452521
  • fix offline tag change playback bug 141606
  • The Calendar folks have a few test accounts on our test Zimbra server
  • Got package-compare running on the nightlies bug 451981
  • OSX buildsymbols should now be complete and cover universal binaries bug 448616
  • Started testing Lightning/gdata comm-central build setup
  • Mock start page server is up and running
  • Need to setup staging/prod www infrastructure
    • davida: How does it currently work ?
    • Ready to switch over www.mozillamessaging.com
  • We are running our own e-mail now
    • Nobody should have noticed!
    • Good side-effect is that our production blades are now in a full HA config
    • Still need to get MoCo's to set themselves up as our secondary MXes
  • Real-life disruptions should be over
  • Triaged all bugs with patches mscott r? and sr? - all bugs have been touched or patch owner contacted. Was ~30-35 reviews, now down to 13 bugs in the review list
  • Created and kicked off Patch Love
  • Bugday and triage
  • Marked [delight] bugs
  • My filter only selected messages in a mailbox was reviewed and checked in bug 444209
  • My redirect feature was accepted and checked in bug 359226
  • Commented on how new message notification works in Classic Eudora bug 11040
  • Reviewed Sid's Vista Search Integration patch bug 430614
  • A new hg repository for Penelope has been created, and now just needs to be populated with the code in CVS bug 451402
  • Fixed a build problem for DOM Inspector when working with read-only source code setups bug 452851
  • Helped review some code for some Penelope devs submitting bugs bug 451438
  • Will be fixing a filter import bug this week for beta 1 bug 432851
  • Ported some build system fixes to comm-central bug 452504
  • Fixed relative l10n-base dir (bug 452760), make install (bug 452962), basic building of the Qt port (bug 450957), and autoconf 2.13 detection (bug 450967) - no need to declare the AUTOCONF environment variable with the usual binary names any more, not even on Debian or ubuntu.
  • Did some cleanup of old code from the XPFE era
  • Got most of the things to run for creating SeaMonkey L10n builds with out buildbots, porting this to Thunderbird buildbots configs should be easy
  • Put together marketing roadmap
  • Working on web site redesign, wrapped up the rfp.
  • Put plan for together for SpreadThunderbird.
  • Got the pr plan reviewed, pr activities in motion.
  • Working on start page content.
  • Working on bug 231654 - make delete normally only apply to the threadpane - too easy to accidentally delete folder
  • bug 234665 [avaiting review] - Delete button should re-text to "Undelete" when a deleted message is selected
  • bug 305089 [avaiting review] - Don't mark as scam any mail composed by user (Drafts, Templates, Sent, Outbox folders)
  • bug 452661 - the scam detector doesn't work anymore


gozer, dmose, sipaq, beckley, bienvenu, nth10sd, wsmwk, emre, asuth, clarkbw, KaiRo, rebron, Standard8