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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Calls For Help

Action Items



  • dmose - Draw up straw man schedule for shipping one month after Firefox.
  • dmose - Suggest to drivers about a new flag for potential post-TB3 blockers.
  • clarkbw - send mail about drivers about triaging 3.0b1 wanted this week
  • dmose - triage [tb3needs] bugs


Thunderbird 3 Beta 2

  • For reference, Gecko 1.9.1b3: Jan 13 Code Freeze, Jan 15 QA, Jan 26 Release according to their plan.
  • clarkbw is release driver
  • gozer is build engineer
  • Proposed: Slushy string freeze from: Monday 2nd February 23:59 PST
  • Proposed: Firm string freeze and slushy Code freeze from: Thursday 5th February 23:59 PST
  • clarkbw will send out email to drivers for wanted/blocker triaging.

Thunderbird 3

QA Updates

  • topcrashes
    • bug 471492 crash [@ nsImapMailFolder::CopyMessagesOffline]
    • bug 422907 nsMsgLocalMailFolder::GetTrashFolder (rootFolder is null)
    • bug 470804 NS_GetInnermostURI (CAPS?) (TB2) (no "owner")
    • bug 470808 nsProxyEventObject::CallMethod (imap)
    • bug 470835 nsMsgLocalMailFolder::AddMessage (should be fixed in 12-23 nightly) (optimistically gone)
  • We believe we have now have fixed the problems with crash reports on Mac. Update to builds post 20081224 and we'll be able to get proper crash reports.
    • Standard8 will to let folks know to upgrade.


Status Updates

  • 2010 goals discussion
  • MoMo board meeting stuff
  • strategy discussions
  • font discussions
  • filter subsystem architecture discussion
  • gloda-by-default discussion
  • upcoming MoMo website change review
  • branching/tinderbox discussion
  • JS-in-mail work
  • SF office space spec work
  • Now back full steam post-Christmas & through the new year.
  • Usual occasional bug triage.
  • Working on first automated TB litmus test 5426.
  • Got some TB patches into MozMill.
    • getMail3PaneController() should work perfectly.
    • getAddrbkController() should also work (almost) perfectly.
    • Now there's only a non-working new/getMsgComposeController() left..
      • (Taken out since there's a simple keypress workaround)
  • Reviews
  • Password Manager
    • Almost complete patch now available on bug 433316
    • Need to sort out "password protect cache" - have some ideas, hope to solidify this week.
    • Also still need one sr in ldap before it can land bug 419595
  • Mozmill in Leak & Bloat
    • Did some work to simplify running mozmill with TB and highlight the parts that are still preventing us from running the tests automatically, raised bug 471510 to cover the details
  • Misc
    • bug 468108 Pointed the l10n dashboard to the right repository (mozilla-1.9.1) for l10n comparisons etc

Two week goals (End of week 2):

  • Complete Password Manager migration
    • See above, almost complete
  • Complete moving Leak and Bloat to Mozmill
  • Lead Address Book discussions
    • Delayed due to Christmas
  • Investigate fixing LDAP Issues with threads and shutdown.
    • Delayed due to Christmas
  • Look at Performance tests
    • Delayed due to Christmas

Two week goals (Start of week 1):

  • Complete Password Manager migration
  • Complete moving Leak and Bloat to Mozmill (if Mozmill issues are resolved)
  • Investigate if there is a simpler way to switch fully to toolkit autocomplete without doing too much work.
  • Look at Performance tests
    • Get some rough ideas of what & how.
    • See if we can get a Ts structure in place (or something else)
      • This would be useful for jemalloc and assessing implementing a packages-static file for unix.
  • Holiday last week, half-time this week.
  • Reviews
  • Fixed bug 470011 - playback of offline imap operations needs to check if dest folder exists
  • Fixed exception thrown when loading .eml files, bug 470119
  • make forward inline not include the references headers for mail messages, bug 464782
  • make updating news counts not leave all the .msf files open bug 470219
  • Fixed imap auto sync not to leave db's open, bug 470221

Two week goals (end of week 2):

Two week goals (week 2)

  • Finish folder archiving work. bug 451995
    • made imap folders default to archive folder on imap server; made "Archives" localizable.
    • several dependent bugs fixed or awaiting review
      • respect personal namespace when creating imap folder under root, bug 470269
      • make addsubfolder notify for new imap folders, make sure root folder has hierarchy delimiter cached, bug 470151

Two week goals (week 1)

  • Try to knock off some beta 2 blockers between the holiday festivities
  • Get initial archive patch reviewed, perhaps in smaller chunks.
  • Two week goals
    • Finalizing activity manager and activity manager integration of core components.
    • Implementing a two level auto-sync model for TB-Idle cases.
  • Build
    • Rewrote the unittest buildbot master to be branch-capable
      • Moving builders over to it as we speak
    • Mac OS X now using Dwarf (crash symbols issues seem resolved too)
  • Web
    • SpreadThunderbird Google Analytics live.
    • Got a fully working bouncer installation, need to think about production setup
  • Personnal
    • On vacation: Jan 9th - Jan 16th (on call)
  • release driving
    • reviewing dates
  • catching up with bugs
  • small calendaring experiment
  • blogging
  • crash monitoring
  • attacked SM mailnews: message display critical bugs
  • litmus test cleanup continues
  • Web site in is production with silver orange.

Two Week Goal

  • Continued web site work, coordinate web site localization.
  • 2009 event planning.
  • Continue work on Support/Help plan.


dmose, nth10sd, standard8, asuth, bienvenu, emre, gozer, clarkbw, wsmwk, rkent, rebron, jminta