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Thunderbird meeting notes 2014-03-04 Minute taker - don't forget to save a revision of the pad before clearing it for next use. Please don't forget to post on after the end of the meeting so that they will go public in the meeting notes blog.


  • irving, wsmwk, roland, jcranmer, florian

Action items from last meetings

  • [mconley] Where are the betas on the FTP site? To ask Standard8 / releng.
    • According to jhopkins and nthomas, there were some issues with l10n, and with the Monday holiday, we slipped the beta release schedule. There should be a beta release once the l10n things are fixed.
  • [jcranmer] Follow-up with Florian on GSoC
  • [mconley] See if I can boil down marketing thread to a decision or thumbs up or down.
    • I seem to have failed to do this. :( I'm pinged bkerensa to see if I can make it happen before the meeting starts.
      • Yeahhhh, this isn't going to happen by today. I can't seem to get through to bkerensa.
  • (wsm: was this completed since 2014-01-21?) [mconley] Put together an Etherpad for contributor badge categories and graphics
    • Make sure each badge has an explicit, once-sentence goal.

Friends of the tree

Current status and discussions

  • SUMO is up and running for Thunderbird (yay!)
    • need to update IRC #thunderbird topic with link to SUMO (wsmwk done)

Critical Issues


Round Table


  • Absent due to work week.


  • All cc-rework patches are reviewed, awaiting some final other clearances to land
  • Landed a crasher-fix (bug 961564) and some preliminary structured header stuff (bug 970118)
  • Collecting a sample of NNTP messages for investigating some email charset facts


  • Instantbird nightlies are now built from comm-central!


  • reviews


  • waiting for some socorro breakage fixes before doing much pre-TB31 crash checking

Question Time


Action Items