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Thunderbird meeting notes 2014-06-24 Minute taker - don't forget to save a revision of the pad before clearing it for next use. Please don't forget to post on after the end of the meeting so that they will go public in the meeting notes blog.


  • mconley, aceman, florian, roland, sshagarwal, wsmwk, mkmelin, rkent, marcoagpinto

Action items from last meetings

  • [jcranmer] Ask bienvenu or someone else about the gmail authentication changes for Thunderbird
    • (status as of 2014-06-10) "I need to send up a follow-up email", "I've been assured that some people were discussing it, but I didn't hear back"
  • irving to ping Standard8 about FotT for sshagarwal
  • mconley to talk to clokep about stuff
  • wsmwk to follow up with Ludo about a testing plan for 31 and announcement to get testers on board
    • Done - plan is ready, waiting on beta 2 build (from standard8)
  • rkent to start the discussion on getting a get-together going.
  • mconley to talk to mhoye about funding access
    • Done - emails sent to rkent with details.

Current status and discussions

  • Waiting on beta 2! Please be testing beta.

Critical Issues

  • mconley to clokep: Are you blocked on anything with the new implementation?
  • Tree is closed - see bug 1027241


Round Table


  • Review queue is stacking up again. :/
  • Reviewed / gave feedback on clokep's work

Question Time

  • rkent: On the Thunderbird meeting, we need a comment from Standard8.
  • rkent: Would hosting in Toronto be possible?
    • mconley: I think it'd be reasonable.

Action Items

  • wsmwk - to talk to jcranmer about Google / GMail auth
  • irving to ping Standard8 about FotT for sshagarwal
  • mconley to follow up with clokep about Box Filelink implementation and API token
  • wsmwk to poke at irving to ask Standard8 about a new meeting time that works with him
  • mconley will open communications with bsmith about deferring 611752 until after next TB major release