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Thunderbird meeting notes 2015-03-24. NOON PST. Previous meetings:


rkent, wsmwk, rolandtanglao, sshagarwal, jorgk, paenglab, fallen, mkmelin

Action items from last meetings

Friends of the tree

Current status and discussions

Critical Issues

Critical bugs. Leave these here until they're confirmed fixed. If confirmed, then remove.

  • Auto-complete improvements - some could go into esr31 (bug 1042561 fixed today March, 24th 2015)
  • ldap crash bug 1063829: a patch in beta 37, beta results are unclear, needinfo?mkmelin
  • Lightning integration
  • maildir UI: nothing more to do for UI, still want to land a patch for letting IMAP set this.
  • gloda IM search regressions: mostly fixed, some db cleanup necessary for users of TB33+ that nhnt11 will hopefully have ready to land soon.
    • aleth landed a fix to stop duplicated entries from appearing, nhnt11 will take care of the cleaning up the databases of Aurora/Beta/Daily users this weekend and keep us updated
  • bug 1064230 crashes during LDAP search made worse by Search All Addressbooks bug 170270, needs tracking 38+ and review?rkent/jcranmer
  • bug 1140884, might need late-l10n

Release Issues


  • Thunderbird 38 interface freeze mid March. (2015-03-17+/-few days)
  • 37.0b1 shipped 2015-03-13


  • 35.6.0 - who, what, when, etc (drivers need to determine)
  • 37.0b2 - decide to skip?
  • 38 beta 1: who, what, when? (drivers need to determine)
  • 38 beta 2

Lightning to Thunderbird Integration


  • As underpass has pointed out repeatedly (thanks for your patience!) , we need to rewrite / heavily modify the lightning articles on let me know irc: rolandtanglao on #tb-support-crew or rtanglao AT OR simply start editing the articles
  • bug 1130852 - Opt-Out dialog had some discussion on prefs
  • bug 910660 - Patches to fix packager have landed on central, will request backport asap
  • bug 1147207 - l10n repacks will not work yet. Trying to persuade glandium to fix it and need to make sure it will actually include a localized build with the packager fixed.

Round Table


  • got tracking flags sorted out bug 1144795
  • mange ship of 37.0b1
  • update topcrash list
  • (fire up newish thinkpad)
  • monitored chemspill/security issues of last week bug 1144991,bug 1144988, 1145255 bug 1145255
  • we should educate ourselves, document, and perhaps reassess (and get standard8's historical knowledge of) the security impacts of plugins and addons so that we can respond to future security events in an intelligent and timely manner. Like which ones load web content (eg Thunderbrowse)? (Archaeopteryx Found 854 matching lines in 375 addon files for contentTab)

Jorg K

  • rfc2047 headers bug 1141446, patch proposed (1 line change), waiting for Joshua Cranmer
  • Issues concerning mail compose window:
  • Autocomplete (critical) - bug 1042561, fixed by Tim Taubert and Marco Bonardo, Marco just said "No" for ESR31.
  • Old bugs, spelling bug 1100966, fixed by Ehsan; lost fonts bug 756984 patch proposed, ongoing
  • Font indicator bug 1139524, patch proposed

Question Time

When will JSMime take over all RFC2047 decoding? Looking at bug 1146099 I found an RFC2047 used from comm-central/mozilla/netwerk/mime

Support team


  • Note - meeting notes must be copied from etherpad to wiki before 5AM CET next day so that they will go public in the meeting notes blog.

Action Items

  • (rkent, Fallen) AMO addon compat