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Thunderbird notes 2016-02-09. NOON PT (Pacific). For meeting time, previous notes and call-in details see


  • jorgk, marcoagpinto, rkent, ba, mkmelin, wsmwk, MakeMyday, Fallen


  • version 45, 52
  • governance, futures
  • builds

Action items from last meetings

  • Thunderbird Council reorganization: we'll discuss this in the Council directly and do some reorganization. This is not a forever governance plan, but we need to be practical given the many demands of the moment.
    • I (rkent) sent a proposal to the Council two weeks ago, now I need to badger a few people to give responses and decisions. Gerv has a process of voting to approve the slate using tb-planning that he will be running.
  • we should really clean up the module owners and peers at and Candidates for removal: Bienvenu, standard8, sid0, JosiahOne.
    • jcranmer??

Current status / Announcements

Current Release Critical Issues

Leave critical bugs here until confirmed fixed. If confirmed, then remove.


  • 38.3.1 bug 1211160 calendar is a workaround for 38.3.0 — Thunderbird Version 38.3 Buttons not working menu items // bug 1211291 - Folders are visible, but messages are not. (?related to bug 1211358 lightning chrome.manifest not updated in 38.3.0 ?
    • rkent has patch, see above

important (but not top critical)

  • status TBD - bug 1182629 - update to 38.1.0 from 38.0.1 re-enables disabled Lightning
  • status TBD - bug 1176399 - Multiple master password when GMail OAuth2 is enabled
  • status TBD - bug 1176748 - fix main thread proxies to the migration code (jorgk and m_kato have done such fixes in the past)
  • filelink, proxy,
  • topcrash bug 1149287 is ** 31% of our crashes** - see below

Version 45

  • tracking-tb45 flags: unfixed ?/+ -
  • Items that may need to be checked and tested: gtk3, windows 10


  • Past
    • 38.5.1
    • 43.0b1 2015-12-31
    • 44.0b1 2016-01-18
    • 45.0b1 2016-02-04 with GTK3 built but updates not enabled


Past releases:

  • (bundled)
  • (AMO)

Upcoming releases:

Round Table


  • finished cleanup of hiro-assigned bugs

clokep (won't be attending)

Jorg K

  • Landed:
    • bug 1235294+bug 1244430 - Don't disable charset menu when charset not supported.
    • bug 597369 - Override charset carried over to the next message processed (part 2).
    • bug 806011 - Can't set charset for message opened from file
    • bug 1244466 - Bustage fix (Stop using nsAutoPtr for holding primitive arrays)
    • bug 1245310 - Bustage fix (null ckeck in the context of dom window)
    • bug 1243760 - Bustage fix (DOM window) - colaboration with Philip Chee
  • Awaiting review:
    • bug 1243498 - Kill Eudora import
    • bug 1231902 - Improve identity/signature switch. Main part: r+, test awaiting review.


  • Possible issues for meeting:
    • Fallen change in employment status (full-time with Mozilla addons)
    • Build-related changes
      • Doug's desire for us to use Taskcluster
      • Combined repository
    • Inadequate attention to security bugs
    • GTK3->GTK2 for TB 45b2 (needed patches, issues for existing beta)
    • Proposed Thunderbird Council membership
    • Spring meetup in Europe
    • MoFo efforts to move forward with donation flow
      • questions about mailing lists
    • My continual frustration with lack of coherent bug management plan for Thunderbird. Related frustration on being able to do any kind of project or product management (other than personal management).
    • Clarity on how to port bugs post-interface and string freezes.
    • Complete proposal for Address Book project with students.

Question Time


  • What is the status of a x64 build?

(This as already answered: They are built right now for Daily, for example: See bug 634233)

Could we find someone to be interviewed for Floss Weekly podcast? (merike)


European meet-up dates: TB is looking for events/dates in March to May timeframe,that would allow the team to meet with possible European partners in Europe. BA to send an e-mail to the TB team with upcoming European events.

02/08/16 - ba sent an e-mail to Kent & tb planning w a list of Open Source/Free Software Conferences (taking place mostly in Europe)

Friends of the tree

Action Items

Help Wanted