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Thunderbird notes 2020-03-17 NOON PT (Pacific). For meeting time, previous notes and call-in details see


aleca, Wayne, Sancus, rjl, pmorris, Paenglab, aleca, ryanleesipes, bittin , mkmelin, marcoagpinto, Hilary, ryanleesipes


Action items from last meetings

Current status / Announcements

Current Release Critical Issues


Thunderbird Release Schedule:

  • Past
    • TB 68.6 (2020-03-13)
    • Tb 75 b1 (2020-03-13)

Round Table

Geoff (not attending, 9 AM in NZ)

  • Landed:
    • bug 1599275 - Fix action button badges after toolbarbutton conversion to CE (bug 1519577)
    • bug 1620861 - Fix prompt for extension permission updates
    • bug 1617449 - Convert remove_account tests to use in-content dialog
    • bug 1599380 - WebExtensions API event for when new mail arrives
    • bug 1613534 - If a message body is specified, do not insert a paragraph at the start
    • bug 1613534 - Handle message body in browser.compose API functions
    • bug 1619824 - Remove prefs disabling the OS X address book in tests
    • bug 1619157 - Fix error when deleting contacts or mailing lists from contacts side bar
    • Much bustage
    • Sample extensions
    • Fixing bugs in existing WE APIs
  • In progress:
    • bug 1621841 - Update extensions prompts code to match Firefox
    • More WebExtensions API functionality for compose windows
    • Docs on looking after comm-central day to day


Mostly reviews Gotten the Fluid Migration going on in Thunderbird


  • Putting out fires
  • Coordinating with the rest of Mozilla to get some processes in place following MZLA setup.
  • Lots of interest in what types of services Thunderbird users have interest in.


  • working on docs for, hopefully published soon, will contain docs for all infra projects and move them out of the repo readmes
  • finished up stats work(for now)
  • researching crash stats and sso stuff
  • Lot of work rearranging AWS stuff, moving web servers from linode to AWS
  • Matrix onboarding, add-on reviews


  • Landed
    • bug 1612198 - Remove NO_COMPONENTS_MANIFEST build variable
    • bug 1620123 - Calendar menus and menu items appear in message windows
    • bug 1619732 - The iMIP bar should work well when users are not using Calendar
    • bug 1621791 - Disable some calendar keyboard shortcuts when calendar is not used
  • In review:
    • bug 1546606 - Refactor caldav request handling
    • bug 1621130 - In calendar and tasks tabs show a message when all calendars are disabled
  • In process:
    • bug 1623152 - Make the default "Home" calendar disabled on first run
    • bug 1623111 - Disable background calendar services when all calendars are disabled
    • bug 1493008 - [meta] Integrate Calendar into Thunderbird
    • bug 1583595 - A dialog to handle opening .ics files
  • In the queue:
    • bug 357480 - [meta] Opening or adding .ics files to calendar by double click
    • bug 306495 - autodetect remote calendar type so user doesn't need to pick (with DNS or .well-known
    • bug 1612170 - Make the calExtract module work with non-en-US locales


  • Planning bugdays
  • Testing opportunities available or coming up in beta - OTR Chat posted in TB planning (#thunderbird-otr on freenode), account hub, encryption stuff (open pgp), matrix



    • bug 1619756 - Port bug 1592728: Enable async live stacks in all channels.
    • bug 1619885 - Port bug 1619442: Style inactive status panel with visibility: hidden.
    • bug 1619911 - Port bug 1612979: Enable locking of auto update setting through enterprise policy.
    • bug 1620352 - Remove the keyhole from the lock icon to better differentiate it from the warning icon.
    • bug 1620535 - Make it possible to use DMD on Thunderbird.
    • bug 1617449 - Make the "Remove Account" dialog in-content.
    • bug 1619146 - Let the emailWizard use the dark theme.
    • bug 1621287 - Use on the <hbox> statusbar role="status" to make it accessible.
    • bug 1617960 - Add a favicon for the Account Manager tab.
    • bug 1622298 - Port bug 1621732: Provide a policy to disable ciphers.

In work:

    • bug 1622860 - macOS: Use always drawInTitlebar for the Address Book and the composer windows.
    • bug 1621953 - Remove a direct children selector on the disabled toolbarbutton rule.
    • bug 1622293 - Port bug 1194529: Ask the user for their OS account password before showing the password dialogs.



  • Landed:
    • bug 1621266 - "Add OTR Fingerprint" context menu shown for IRC chat rooms
    • bug 1551590 - OTR: When receiving verify request, start with notification
    • bug 1556989 - OTR manage fingerprints: disable "remove all" button if list is empty
    • bug 1619731 - Reorganize App Menu items
    • bug 1589005 - implement account hub for a centralized way to set up mail, calendar, filelink, online addressbook, and potentially other services - PART 1
  • In progress:
    • bug 1615501 - Convert the Preferences tabs to html:template and Fluent
    • bug 1620718 - Unlabelled incoming/outgoing server fields in Accounts dialog
    • bug 1589859 - Partially broken accessibility in the headers pane for a message
    • bug 213945 - Mail/message listing/thread pane needs more organization in 3 vertical pane view (like Outlook, Lotus Notes et al.)
  • Other:


Helps out running the DevCalls once a week to help make Addon Developers move over their Old Addons to New Addons etc



Khushil (Not Attending)

  • Landed:
    • bug 1589552 - Conversations list assumes all elements represent a contact
    • bug 437711 - Use new Drag'n'Drop API in Calendar
    • bug 1590036 - port bug 1518632 to Thunderbird - Show users who get a fresh profile instead of reusing the previous default a first run UI(ESR 68)
    • bug 1620206 - Account Manager: S/MIME cert selection not saved if closing
  • In progress:
    • bug 1347533 - Show room names instead of room IDs
    • bug 1611444 - Fix sending of Matrix messages
    • bug 1622607 - Protocol options in the chat account wizard are not getting saved in the account manager
    • bug 1348038 - Handle Topic Events.
    • bug 1614025 - Persist data over multiple restarts



Translated some strings of Lightning into Swedish



Question Time

  • Aleca - Where’s the “Manual Config” section in the account settings? bug 1620718
  • Christopher - How to help prepare add-ons developers with the transition to Fluent.

Help Wanted

  • Aleca, Ryan - General discussion: Support, productivity, and keeping in contact during the Pandemic