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Thunderbird 3.0 Support Issues

triaged from Get Satisfaction and other customer support input channels and then converted to bugs as appropriate in order to improve the post Thunderbird 3.0 product - in very rough order of priority

  1. Kaspersky DLL and KPT issue causes blank windows after upgrade from TB 2 to 3 - still awaiting exact Kaspersky executable version and exact Kaspersky DB version in order to notify users on GS - GS topic, bug 533692
  2. Bullguard Anti-Virus causes blank windows - GS topic, bug 537769
  3. Add-Ons:
    1. Lightning
    2. Compact Header - GS Topic, [bug:will track down]
    3. Expanded Columns e.g. for IMAP size - missing from folder Pane - workaround: use extra folder columns add-on - GS topic, bug
    4. More Functions for Address book aka MoreColsForAddressBook:
      • Issue with incorrect configuration for extension update mechanism
      • Extension isn't compatible on update to TB 3
      • Solution: Uninstall TB 2 version and install TB 3 version (confusingly both TB2 and 3 versions have the same version number!)
      • GS topic, bug 533903
  4. Untick use name and password error when sending email due to bug in TB 2.0 that ignored that the SMTPserver wasn't asking for auth even when configured with auth - GS topic, bug 522633 bug 524868
  5. 4GB Gmail issue - Bienvenu working on fix for Thunderbird 3.1 [GS topic], [bug will track down]
  6. receiving email in duplicate folders after TB2 to TB3 upgrade but can't see new incoming email GS topic, bug 534382
  7. duplicate user account folders after TB2 to TB3 upgrade GS topic, bug 505465
  8. opening IMAP text attachments is broken [GS topic], bug 533462
  9. TB2-TB3.0-sometimes have to delete SMTP password after upgrading from TB 2.0 to 3.0 in order to send email
  10. Smart Folders UI is not intuitive aka Folder Pane Modes, Arrows too subtle - GS tag for lots of topics is "smart folders", sample GS Topic entitled "Merging inboxes without permission is criminal vandalism!!" bug 535021
  11. Rearranging / Reordering columns across multiple folders isn't possible. GS Topic (Standard 8 thinks it exists), bug 505035 (exists)
  12. Smart inbox does not honor "folders to search" preferences with Google Mail IMAP after Thunderbird restart [GS topic], bug 534784
  13. Master password asked for repeatedly GS Topic 1,GS 2, bug 534462 - fixed in 3.0.1 I believe
  14. Master Password asked for after TB2 to 3 upgrade but no master password was ever set - GS Topic, GS Topic 2,bug 506638
  15. Autoconfig - users don't know how to switch to POP when server supports both IMAP and POP (or don't understand why they would want IMAP) - need documentation, not a bug?