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What are Up For Grabs ?

  • Up For Grabs (UFG) are highly desired Thunderbird features that no one is currently working on.
  • They are ideal projects for volunteers of all horizons to contribute to Thunderbird and work as a team towards to the evolution of the product. They are meant to provide a focussed list of features to be worked upon, which will be supported by the Thunderbird team.
  • They have come from ideas provided by the community or the Thunderbird team, have been approved by the product council to appear on the roadmap, but lack the necessary resources to be fully undertaken.

Where can I find Up For Grab projects?

  • UFG are all listed in the Thunderbird UFG repository [link here].
  • Each entry of repository entry is created by a Thunderbird Product Council member, who then becomes the UFG sponsor.
  • Each UFG entry refers to an item in the Thunderbird Features Inbox, which describes the feature in more details.

Who gets involved?

  • A UFG is developed by a team of volunteer contributors, one of them is the UFG leader.
  • Any volunteer can join a UFG team and contribute to his/her capacities to the UFG resources needs. Traditional competences are development, localization, quality assurance, support and documentation.
  • The UFG sponsor is available to support the team at any time during the development of the UFG.

How are Up For Grab projects developed?

  • A UFG is a full blown Thunderbird feature. It therefore complies with the exact same development process, tests, quality assurance, localization and documentation requirements used with any other Thunderbird development.
  • The Product Council picks UFG from the Thunderbird Feature Inbox on a regular basis and nominates one of its member as the UFG sponsor. The sponsor's role is to accompany the UFG throughout its development milestones.
  • Once the UFG team is assembled, the UFG becomes an in-development Thunderbird feature and obtains the guidance and review of the product council.
  • It then is up to the team and its sponsor to plan and progress it. As required, the product council reviews the UFG team progresses, validates milestones achievments and provides assistance.
  • As with any other feature, the product council ultimately reviews the UFG and approves its release to the Thunderbird code base. The UFG is now an integral part of Mozilla Thunderbird!

Up For Grabs Repository

Note: the table below is still WIP
Pr Rank Feature Stage Target Feature manager Status note
Unprioritized 999 Merge Settings and Preferences On hold ` ` Blake Winton
Unprioritized 999 Unified Searchbar On hold ` ` Blake Winton
Unprioritized 999 Implement Other Pluggable Mail Stores On hold ` ` David Bienvenu
Unprioritized 999 Improved Build System On hold ` ` Mark Banner
Unprioritized 999 Thunderbird "Get Satisfaction" Support Dashboard On hold ` ` Roland Tanglao rtanglao
Unprioritized 999 Attachment browser On hold ` ` David Bienvenu
Unprioritized 999 Thunderbird Profile Backup or Transfer On hold ` ` David Bienvenu
Unprioritized 999 URL preview within Thunderbird On hold ` ` Jb Piacentino
Unprioritized 999 Thunderbird Profile Discovery and/or Recovery On hold ` ` David Bienvenu
Unprioritized 999 Compose In A Tab On hold ` ` Jonathan Protzenko
Unprioritized 999 Complete Send In Background function to use Outbox to send messages On hold ` ` Mark Banner
Unprioritized 999 Big File Providers On hold ` ` David Bienvenu