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Questions and comments can be directed to me, or check on #documentation. I'm usually there as Waldo (although not usually active), and I keep logs of conversation, so if I don't respond just comment and I'll respond later. Other people are usually around, too, so you may be able to get someone else to respond if I don't.

Style Guidelines

Images in Help Documentation

I've created filler screenshots for use in Help docs. They'll need to be retaken when they're eventually placed into Mozilla source code, because we want the images to use the default Windows theme for the most familiarity to the largest audience.


The topic outline is a (still partial) list of the topics that will be presented in documentation. Consolidation and rearrangement will probably happen until we get a good, stable base for help docs.


Your changes will be released under the MPL, GPL, and LGPL licenses in addition to the license used by the Mozilla wiki (the GFDL). Log in when you make changes to receive credit for them, and mention your name in your wiki page.